Brand Guidelines

Guidelines to follow when using the FundThrough brand.


The logo by itself is a wordmark. The FT icon is used separately where needed, and not in conjunction with the wordmark.

Request Logo Files by emailing [email protected]

Teal Logo

Teal is our primary color version of the logo, use on light backgrounds.

Cornsilk Logo

Use this version on dark backgrounds. Ensure the logo has enough contrast with the background color(s), per WCAG AA.


The icon is used to represent FundThrough when a small, profile image version is required, for example on social media sites.

Color Icon

Logo Spacing

The logo should be able to breathe. Leave space around the logo, using the “o” in “FundThrough” as a guide, when it is close to other content:

Minimum Size

Ensure the logo is still legible at small sizes. Use the following as a guide.

The FundThrough logo should never be smaller than 100px.

Logo Misuse

The logo should not be modified or added to.

  Do not enclose the logo in a shape. It needs to be free!

  Do not skew, bevel, fold, dimensionalize, stretch, add a drop shadow or otherwise alter the shape of the logo.

  Do not use another color for the wordmark other than teal or cornsilk.

  Do not change the typeface of the logo.


Mainly white, and the midnight green color are used.
Primary teal, secondary cornsilk, and decorative colors are used as accents.

Primary + Secondary Colors


Teal (primary color)

17-5024 Teal Blue


Cornsilk (secondary color)

13-0932 Cornsilk


Midnight Green (text color)

Background Colors





Decorative Colors

These colors are primarily for marketing purposes, for when more color is needed for visual excitement.


For better contrast, this is a modified version of the decorative color set, for use when text is used in combination with them.



Platform (by Commercial Type) is generally used for our logo, titles, and headings.

Montserrat (via Google Fonts) is used for sub-headings, buttons, and paragraph text.

Photography Guidelines

Our brand should communicate both our purpose and the audience we serve representing business owners visually, and communicating their challenges with real-life stories.

Stock images of business owners are acceptable alternatives to real client images since our demand for creative assets outpaces our ability to generate real photos of clients.

Guidelines for Selecting Stock Photos

Follow these guidelines when selecting stock photos:

  • Real people, in action. NOT models.
  • Emotionally should show confidence. NOT people smiling.
  • Nothing too “clean” looking. NOT staged. It should look like you went to their business, and took a photo.
  • Candid. NOT people obviously posing, or looking right at the camera.
  • Diversity represented. NOT people in gender-stereotyped jobs.

  Acceptable examples of stock photography (via Freepik).

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