How to Compete With Big Businesses Without Big Business Resources

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Growing manufacturers have a dilemma – taking on big orders can mean a surge in growth, massive revenue, and access to next-tier customers. On the flip side, filling those orders requires heavy up-front investment in materials, overhead and staffing costs.


There’s a gap here and it’s existed since the beginning of the manufacturing industry. Traditionally, access to funds has almost exclusively relied on traditional banking systems. For a growing business, accessing the level of funding necessary to smoothly facilitate growth can seem like an impossible task.


Technology companies are constantly innovating to allow business owners the opportunity to take control of cash flow, and more business owners are accessing unsecured funds to grow their operations. Even without big business funds, small business owners can now manage cash flow as if they are a huge brand. Here’s how.




How to Get Enough Customers to be Carried in Stores

Category: Small Business

Looking to ramp up distribution of your product? When looking to work with larger retailers, wholesalers, distributors or even importers, a proven track record is key. Big retailers want to see a history of success in smaller stores before they’re willing to offer up valuable shelf space.


Demonstrating a successful sales record and a loyal customer base are some of the best ways to convince a potential partner that your product needs to be in their store, too. Here’s how to do it.




This Is Why Your Business Needs to Be Selling Online

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The time has come for Canadian small businesses to add e-commerce to their retail arsenals. With increasing government support for domestic and international trade and e-retail platforms being more accessible than ever before, it has never been easier to start an online store.

And trust us, you’re going to want to start yours ASAP.



Invoicing for Service Companies: A Better Invoice Process for Better Cash Flow

Category: Small Business

Sending invoices should be a fun part of the job for any service business owner. You’ve completed a job and now it’s time to get paid for your hard work. Unfortunately, for many businesses, invoicing is a pain. You’re dealing with paperwork, possible duplicate entry, and you’ll inevitably have clients that don’t pay on time.

How can you avoid the headaches of invoicing and make sure you’re getting paid quickly for your work?



A Simple Guide to Become a Retail Vendor

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Getting your product onto the shelves

Have a great product but nowhere to sell it? You’ve likely already considered finding a retailer to stock, display, and sell your wares, but many small vendors are intimidated by the apparent difficulty in getting a product onto store shelves. You might be surprised, but to become a retail vendor and getting your product on the retail floor is actually relatively straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to achieving your goals:



Smart Ways to Increase Cash Flow: Tried-and-True Tips

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We’ve all heard the old adage, “Cash is king.” As a small business owner, you know the value of positive cash flow and how important it is to continue to grow. If you’re looking to increase your working capital and take the next big step in your business, consider these tried-and-true tips.

First up, let’s talk Accounts Receivable – the foundation of healthy cash flow.



B2B News Network Goes ‘Inside the Mind Of…Steven Uster’

Category: Alternative Lending, Business Loan, FinTech, Small Business

Last week, our CEO and Co-Founder Steven Uster sat down with Dave Gordon, a freelance writer for B2B News Network, to talk entrepreneurship, FinTech, cash flow, and of course FundThrough.

It was exciting to see the great questions Dave had to help B2B readers (and you) go ‘inside’ Steven’s mind. Perhaps our favourite was…



Аccounts Receivable Explained: How to Take Charge of Your Business Capital

Category: Accounts Receivable

Do you know the definition of “accounts receivable“? And more importantly, do you understand how accounts receivable play into your business finances, which can make or break your venture?



Measure Twice, Cut Once: Calculated Growth For General Contractors

Category: Small Business, Working Capital

Grow Your General Contracting Business
Your construction company has been around for a couple of years. Business is booming and sometimes you’re so busy it’s hard to keep up with all the jobs. The next natural step would seem to be to grow your business. But how do you know if you’re really ready to renovate? Learn about calculated growth for general contracting businesses below.



We’re partnering with Cortex to make managing cash flow even easier for suppliers

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Businesses sending invoices with Cortex no longer need to wait on payments.