Customer Reviews

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Mariam - Koa Natural Foods

FundThrough is there with me hand-in-hand as I grow. They’re the solution to a problem that keeps entrepreneurs up at night.

Mariam, Owner – Koa Natural Foods

Mario - Accuro

Hassle-free and very intuitive. FundThrough gives me confidence when I pitch a new project that the funds I need are just a click away.

Mario, Owner – Accuro Contracting

Justyna - InnerJ

I was launching a new product and that meant additional costs. Instead of waiting 30 to 40 days for my largest customer to pay, with FundThrough I actually got the funds right then. That meant I could start production right away.

Justyna Kozlowska, Owner – Nagi

Steven Jiang - ImSent

Whenever a new cost comes in, I just click on an outstanding invoice and the next day I have the funds in my bank. FundThrough is a great service and very, very easy to use.

Megan McElwain, Owner – McElwain & Company

Amy - Stamp Bookkeeping Company

I run a bookkeeping business and we have a couple clients who are always late paying their bills. I tested the software using one of these client’s outstanding invoices and the funds were deposited into my bank account the next day. The effective interest rate is reasonable and the repayment structure is easy to understand.

Amy Lafleur, CPB – Stamp Bookkeeping Company — QuickBooks App Store

Quinn - E-Retail Society Group

With FundThrough, we got the cash flow we needed to supply larger orders and grow our business. Now we have a larger range of retail partners and are growing fast! Getting set-up was easy, approval was fast, and the staff have been great.

Quinn Roukema, CEO – E-Retail Society Group — QuickBooks App Store

Steven Jiang - ImSent

FundThrough was able to help when my bank couldn’t because they looked at the credit of my customers, not my business. I’ve been able to increase my inventory, maintain service levels, and not worry about cash flow. It’s really been a great service.

Steven Jiang, Owner – ImSent Inc.

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