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What Does Invoice Factoring Cost?

The cost of invoice factoring primarily centers around the discount rate. This rate is a small percentage of the invoice value. The rate reflects the invoice — its due date, your company and your customer paying the invoice — and how you use FundThrough.

Our online invoice factoring solutions are tailored to meet every company’s size and needs. Businesses get the cash they need instantly using their unpaid invoices as collateral. To get your rate, create a free account.

How It Works


What is the Cost of Not Invoice Factoring?

If you’re starting a business, successful cash flow management can be the difference between thriving and failure. If you’re not using invoice factoring, ask yourself why you’ve made this decision. You should weigh the costs of ignoring this innovative financing solution.


Improve Your Cash Flow

Without invoice factoring, you could be waiting 90 days or more for customers to pay. Invoice factoring lets you pay expenses today. It’s free and quick to set up an account. There are no hidden costs or added obligations. You’ll get peace of mind and capital to thrive instantly.


No Debt, No Loss of Control

Traditional loans require you to take on debt. And selling equity can reduce your control over your company’s future. With invoice factoring, you get immediate cash to pay expenses by using your existing invoices as collateral.  


No Additional Opportunity Costs

No need to chase down your customers for payment. Get back to running and growing your business within minutes. We’ll take care of getting your invoices paid while you get back to your job.

FundThrough Offers Two Invoice Solutions

Different companies have different needs. Some require a fast $5,000, while others might be seeking funding of up to $5 million.

To meet all needs, FundThrough offers two easy, lightning fast solutions to get you funding as soon as the next business day upon approval:

Express Invoice Financing and Velocity Invoice Factoring

Discover which solution provides the best fit for you. For assistance, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 2.5% – 5%. The cost to skip payment terms using Velocity Invoice Factoring is deducted from your advance and is based on when the invoice will be paid:

1-30 days = 2.5% • 31-45 days = 3.75%

46-60 days = 5% • 61 days and up = 7.5%

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Typically 6%. The cost to skip payment terms using Express Invoice Financing is 0.5% added to each of the 12 weekly instalments. You can pay back early to waive fees on remaining payments, reducing the cost.

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In some cases, we can accommodate customized pricing solutions for very large invoices. To get your rate, create a free account or speak to our customer team.

Totally free! We charge a fee when you use FundThrough to get your invoices paid early.

No. The total cost of funding is clearly communicated before any funds are advanced.

We deposit funds next-day using Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH). Some clients request wires for same-day payments, which we charge for as an extra service.

In the event of delinquency, we may charge additional fees. Refer to your funding agreement for more information.

Yes! Our all-star support team is here to help you through chat, email, or on the phone.

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