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FundThrough has low invoice factoring rates and an innovative repayment structure that fits your unique business.

Factoring Invoices totalling over $50,000?

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Invoice-Backed Line of Credit Pricing

The cost of advancing receivables at FundThrough is straight-forward: When you fund an invoice, we calculate a 0.5% fee on top of the amount you’re funding each week. Repay us over 12 weeks, or repay early.


Pay down your advance over 12 weeks.

Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account starting the week after you fund your invoice.

Factoring invoices costs even less than you think it does.

With FundThrough, you can always repay your advance early, and we’ll waive any remaining fees on the advance.

There are no other fees for the service.

No subscription fees, no transaction fees, and no surprises.

Funding amounts over $50,000?

For clients looking to fund over $50,000, we are able to offer invoice factoring rates and a customized pricing structure. Due to the higher funding amount, you get:
  1. the option to align repayment with when your customers pay you,
  2. the access to special rates to keep your costs low, and
  3. instant cash flow up to the amount you invoice.
If you’re interested in funding more than $50,000, sign up below, give us a call at 1-800-766-0460 or click here to learn more.

How Much Does Funding Invoices Cost?


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Factoring Invoices totalling over $50,000?

  • Receive an advance up to 95% of your invoice
  • Your customer pays the original invoice to FundThrough when it’s due
  • You receive the remaining balance returned less FundThrough fees
  • No annual fee. No limit. No obligations.
  • Achieve ultimate flexibility and cash flow freedom

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