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Meet the team at FundThrough, one of the world’s top invoice factoring companies.

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Who We Are

At FundThrough, we’re obsessed with invoice financing and invoice factoring

We know… Those are quirky passions to have. 

But our success is how we lead the industry in helping businesses of all sizes manage cash flow. We give our customers the best invoice factoring solution to help them thrive.

They love our quick and easy set up, our great service team, and our transparency. In fact, we have a 95% satisfaction rating.

Our Story

FundThrough started in 2014 when founders Steven Uster, Deepak Ramachandran, and Graham McBride had a vision. To transform the way businesses manage cash flow. 

The three quickly became thought leaders in the invoice factoring industry. They also put together a team of innovative minds to empower business owners across every sector with a best-in-class suite of invoice financing tools.

Today, FundThrough has become the U.S. and Canada’s fastest-growing cash flow solution for businesses. We allow business owners to instantly access funds and boost cash flow with the click of a button.

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Meet the founders


Steven Uster

Co-Founder & CEO


Deepak Ramachandran

Co-Founder & CTO


Graham McBride


Our Mission

We go to work each day for one reason: To help companies thrive and give them control over when they get paid.

Many companies don’t realize that when they create an invoice, they’ve created an asset that can generate them cash right away through invoice factoring services

It’s your money. And we want to give it to you today. Our online invoice factoring tools eliminate the wait time and pains of payment terms. Try us out

The Values of FundThrough

Open and Honest FundThrough Value

We value direct feedback. We tell the truth. And we never cut corners. As a top invoice factoring company, we bring transparency to everything we do.

We’re passionate about helping businesses thrive and get paid on their own terms. This passion radiates from our employees, many of whom are entrepreneurs.

We strive to meet the standards and expectations of our customers and one another.

We trust our team’s intuition when it comes to helping customers and solving problems.

Our innovative thinking and thought leadership keep us at the forefront of the invoice financing industry.

We come together to socialize, share our experiences, and build lasting trust that extends beyond working hours.


FundThrough’s collaborative environment enables us to work together and solve the problems facing our customers.


Come work with us

At FundThrough, diversity is our strength and makes everything we do as a company just a little bit better. We are agile, put our clients first, and move quickly to help thousands of small businesses succeed. These reasons are why we top the list of invoice funding companies.

FundThrough employees enjoy our flexible remote work options, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs every day on the job.

We’re one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Toronto. But we also have employees all over the world. And we’re always looking for bright, passionate people to join our team.

Join a growing community of business owners getting paid on their terms.