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Empower an entrepreneur to grow their business by giving them access to the cash flow tool of the future — today.

About FundThrough

On-demand working capital for growing businesses.

FundThrough offers businesses instant access to funds from unpaid invoices on an easy-to-use, online funding platform.

Funding facility ranges from $500 to over $2 million, depending on the strength of the business’ sales.

Wherever a business is in its growth cycle, FundThrough can help bridge critical cash flow gaps. 

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Address your clients’ unique growth needs by linking them to FundThrough’s collection of business development resources.

Empower your clients to dream big

Imagine what a business could do with instant access to working capital.

FundThrough is committed to transforming the way your clients manage their cash flow.

From the start, our acclaimed support team will work closely with your clients to guide them through the funding process and ensure that their businesses are well-equipped with the tools and resources needed to address the unique challenges that will arise as they grow.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, and we’re here to help your clients enjoy it.

Interested in learning more about becoming a FundThrough partner? Call our toll-free support at 1-888-813-4547 or email [email protected].

FundThrough Invoice Financing Team

Meet our partners

"I discovered FundThrough through QuickBooks Online apps and decided to try it out as something I could recommend to clients and help while I grow my own business. The support has been great and it has been an easy software to use to help me better manage cash flow if I need it. Thanks FundThrough!"
Stephanie Dawn-Toews
BRIKC Consulting & Bookkeeping
"FundThrough is an ideal option for many businesses that we advise. The customers that we have referred think I'm brilliant for knowing about this option, so thanks for that!"
Mike Widdis
UpSide Accounting
"I run a bookkeeping business and like to test out different apps to recommend to my clients. It only took a few minutes to set up a FundThrough account, and the funds were deposited into my bank account the next day. The effective interest rate is reasonable and it's nice to know there's a way around injecting personal funds into the business if cash gets tight."
Amy Lafleur
Stamp Bookkeeping Company

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