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Top 5 Best Oilfield Invoice Factoring Companies in Houston

Access to immediate cash is the competitive advantage an oilfield company needs to stay ahead, but finding the right source for working capital isn't easy. For organizations based in Houston, you don't just want an invoice factoring company that can crunch numbers and deliver funding quickly. You’ll benefit most from a partner who knows the industry and can provide terms and timely financing that makes sense for your business. (See more about houston factoring companies if you're not in oil and gas.)

What is Oilfield Invoice Factoring?

First, it's important to highlight that oilfield invoice factoring is a form of financing, but it is not debt. In reality, an organization sells its invoices to an invoice factoring company and receives a portion of the invoice total upfront, minus the fees. The oilfield factoring company then takes on the responsibility of collecting the payment from the client - in a professional, friendly way.

Oilfield invoice factoring is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Closing a short-term cash flow gap
  • Taking on large projects that will grow your business
  • Buying or upgrading equipment
  • Fulfilling payroll
  • Ordering inventory
  • Paying vendors
  • Expanding to a new location

Invoice Factoring Gets Oilfield Service Companies Cash Faster

The fact is, traditional forms of credit aren't fast or efficient. Bank loans require piles of paperwork, and it can take months to process a single loan application. At the same time, approval is not guaranteed. Spending so much time on paperwork and waiting translates into missed opportunities.

However, invoice factoring services eliminate the wait. A technology-driven oilfield factoring company will offer a fast online application, and companies can get funded within days.

How Oilfield Invoice Factoring Works

The process is simple and efficient when working with an invoice factoring company for the oilfield industry. Once you apply for funding, the approval process begins with documents sent to your customer to verify. Once approved, you receive an advance on your invoice, less a flat fee.

  • Within 1-2 days, you receive a response.
  • If approved, you get an immediate cash advance on your invoice.
  • Your client pays your invoice to the factoring company.
  • The factoring company handles the account receivable.

What are the Benefits of Oilfield Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring for oilfield services business offers many benefits outside the access to millions in working capital. More and more companies are choosing to apply for receivable factoring because of it:

  • Simple terms. A factoring company usually has fewer strings attached than a bank loan or another form of alternative funding. Working with straightforward repayment terms for an oilfield service company makes it easy to include factoring in its accounting system.
  • Faster payment collection. Once an invoice factoring company funds an invoice, they also work directly with an organization's clients to collect payment. As a result, your AR team can focus on high-value work instead of repetitive follow-ups.
  • Almost immediate working capital. Oil invoice factoring approvals typically take less than a week, and it's common for companies to receive their funding within days rather than weeks or months.
  • More growth opportunities. This form of immediate cash frees up your cash flow and makes it possible for your organization to pursue new growth opportunities.

Our Pick of the Best Oilfield Invoice Factoring Companies in Houston Texas

1. FundThrough

Why FundThrough

  • Experienced with oil and gas industry invoicing
  • Get invoices paid directly into your linked bank account
  • No minimums, although must be invoicing >$15,000 to a single customer
  • Integrated with OpenInvoice, WorkBench, and QuickBooks
  • Easy-to-use
  • 5-minute application process
  • Funding for companies in Canada and the U.S.

Factoring Amounts

  • Unlimited funding starting at $15,000


  • Obtain a 100% invoice advance
  • AI technology generates automated funding offers in minutes
  • Transparent fees: 2.5% per 30 day period
  • Unlimited funding ensures capital for any size project
  • Quick funding boost
  • Free credit checks on customers
  • Downloadable reporting
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Online management portal


  • You must use a form of online banking

2. Crown Financial

Why Crown Financial

  • Quick funding
  • Based in Houston
  • Online application

Factoring Amounts

  • Up to $25 million in funding


  • Simple application process
  • Clear paperwork requirements
  • Capital within 48 hours


  • High fees
  • 80-90% advance rate
  • Unclear repayment terms

3. J D Factors

Why J D Factors

  • Online application
  • Funds deposited into your bank account
  • Oilfield services experience

Factoring Amounts

  • Custom quotes


  • Fast funding
  • Offers flexible credit and repayment terms


  • Unclear funding amounts
  • Lack of rate transparency
  • Only Texas office in El Paso
  • Must contact a representative or apply for detailed information

4. Action Capital

Why Action Capital

  • Provides various forms of financing
  • Founded in 1959
  • Clear terms

Factoring Amounts

  • From $50,000 to $7 million


  • No hidden fees
  • Extensive lines of credit


  • Slow and manual application process
  • Can take a week or more to get funded
  • General credit provider, not necessarily oilfield specific

5. Sky Business Credit

Why Sky Business Credit

  • Online management system
  • Process transparency

Factoring Amounts

  • Up to 80-90% of your invoice


  • Fast application process
  • Online portal
  • Clear fees


  • General financing provider, not necessarily oilfield specific
  • Not based in Houston
  • Unclear limits on funding

Final Thoughts

Rate and funding transparency are essential for an oilfield service company to keep the books in order. But you also want an oilfield factoring company that can tactfully communicate with clients so that relationships grow stronger, not weaker.

At FundThrough, our team believes that the best factoring experience isn't just about fast cash—it's about partnership. We are always happy to answer your questions about invoice factoring services, credit terms, and usability. Discover how FundThrough works and create a free account today.

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