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Top 5 Best Oilfield Invoice Factoring Companies

It’s no secret that payment terms in the oil and gas industry can be long. Some businesses have payment terms that are 30, 60, 90, and even 120 days long! This extended wait time can lead to cash flow issues for oilfield companies. High costs due to labor and equipment/materials, as well as the need for capital to take on large projects, add to these challenges. At FundThrough, we have helped hundreds of oil and gas companies manage their cash flow, so we understand these unique challenges. One solution we offer is invoice factoring for oilfield.

How Does Oilfield Invoice Factoring Work?

The oilfield invoice factoring process starts when an oilfield company sells its unpaid invoices to a factor or factoring company at a discount in return for cash in a matter of days. In essence, factoring is a tool that allows you to receive your invoice payments significantly earlier than standard net terms. Oilfield invoice factoring provides a quick and reliable fix for cash flow shortfalls that can cause issues for oilfield businesses. For more on how oilfield factoring works, check out our guide.

What Are the Benefits of Oilfield Factoring?

Oilfield invoice factoring offers numerous benefits that can address the unique challenges faced by oil and gas companies:

  • Quick Access to Cash: Invoice factoring provides fast access to the working capital needed to cover day-to-day expenses or pursue large projects, eliminating the typical long wait time for outstanding invoices to be paid.
  • Fast Approval: The application and approval process for invoice factoring is quicker and less complicated than traditional bank financing, with funding available in just a few days. Your customer’s credit rating matter more than your own.
  • Flexible Funding Source: You can get the funding you need, when you need it.
  • Support for Growth: With immediate access to working capital, your company can confidently take on new and larger projects, secure materials, and hire necessary labor, facilitating business growth.
  • Time Efficiency: Factoring saves time and resources by reducing the need to chase down payments, allowing you to focus on other business areas.
  • Customer Flexibility: Factoring allows you to easily extend flexible payment terms to customers without compromising your cash flow.


In short, oilfield companies can significantly benefit from factoring by gaining quick and flexible access to working capital, which helps manage cash flow and supports business growth. 

How Much Does Oilfield Factoring Cost?

The cost of oilfield factoring typically involves a main transaction fee or discount rate, which usually ranges between 1% and 6% of the invoice value. This fee is deducted from the total invoice amount as payment for advancing cash quickly. However, it’s important to consider additional fees that might apply (depending on the factoring company), such as application fees, processing fees, or late payment penalties.

For a comprehensive overview of how invoice factoring rates work and tips on finding the best deal, check out our Invoice Factoring Rates blog

How Do I Choose the Best Oilfield Factoring Company for My Business?

When selecting the best oilfield factoring company, consider the following key points:

  • Transparent Pricing: Ensure the company offers clear and upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Flexible Contracts: Look for a company that allows you to factor only the invoices you choose, without long-term commitments after invoices are paid.
  • Industry Experience: Choose a factoring partner with a proven track record and expertise in the oil and gas industry.
  • Reputation: Research customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reputation and reliability.
  • Fast Funding: Prioritize companies that offer quick funding processes to maintain your cash flow needs.

For more details, visit our blog on The Best Invoice Factoring Companies to Work With.


The 5 Best Oilfield Invoice Factoring Companies

Once you’ve decided you want to try invoice factoring for oilfield, it’s important to find the right invoice factoring partner. Many business owners have been left with a bad impression of receivable factoring after choosing an oil and gas factoring company that acted slowly, charged hidden factoring fees, or insisted on a long-term contract. To get the best experience, ask any invoice factoring companies you’re considering about these points (in addition to ensuring they offer competitive rates). Here are our picks for the best oilfield invoice factoring companies.

Why FundThrough

FundThrough stands out as a trusted invoice factoring company. We’re partnered with Enverus and QuickBooks Online, making in quicker and easier to get your invoices paid early. As the largest AI-powered invoice funding fintech in North America, FundThrough doesn’t charge hidden fees, providing clear and transparent pricing. With established infrastructure and deep experience in the oilfield industry, we frequently fund invoices in the millions of dollars. This allows you to drive more growth and revenue for your company.

Factoring Amounts

FundThrough’s innovative AI-powered invoice factoring solution provides an unlimited factoring amount — the more you invoice, the more funding you can access. This is especially important for oil and gas companies, which are cash-heavy businesses that can quickly run into funding limits with banks and other factoring companies. Having access to unlimited funding ensures that you won’t be constrained by financial limits and can maintain smooth operations and go after large projects without interruption. We have clients who faced funding issues with other providers, but with FundThrough, they’ve experienced the freedom to grow without financial constraints.



  • Integration with Enverus and QuickBooks Online: Seamless integration for efficient operations.
  • Unlimited Funding: No limits on funding amounts, crucial for cash-heavy oil and gas businesses.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparent pricing with no unexpected charges.
  • 100% Advance Rates: Maximize cash flow with full invoice advance minus a single fee.
  • Flexibility: Choose which invoices to fund.
  • Fast Payments: Get invoices paid in days, improving cash flow.
  • Highly Reviewed Support: A supportive and reliable team dedicated to your success.


  • Technology requirements

Ready to get your invoices paid early?

Why Millennium Funding

Millennium Funding works with all types of oilfield service companies, including those upstream, midstream, or downstream. They have a large focus on the industry and boast a streamlined application process to make factoring easy. They provide factoring services across the US, not limited to specific regions.


Factoring Amounts

Unfortunately, Millennium Funding does not publish its factoring fees on its website, and the customer support representative we spoke to would not share rates without an application. It provides invoice advances up to 95%.


  • Access to a dedicated account executive
  • Access to knowledge sharing
  • Available credit insurance


  • Rates not available on website
  • Funding limits not found
  • Manual application process

Why Mazon Associates

Mazon Associates is a Dallas-based factoring service that’s been providing receivables financing for oilfield companies since 1976. It is a second-generation, family-owned business that’s been serving the Southwest longer than any other factoring company. They provide services throughout the US​.

Factoring Amounts

Factoring fees range between 2% to 5% In addition, the company charges a monthly 1% finance or interest charge on outstanding invoices. As far as limits on funding, the company says it uses reputable credit bureaus to check customer credit history and account limits. If a credit check warrants a credit limit on an invoice, then you will be promptly notified.


  • Zero startup fees, no cancellation fees
  • No monthly minimums and flexible month-to-month contracts 
  • Same-day cash advances
  • Approval within 3 to 5 days


  • No information found on funding limits

Why Gulf Coast Business Credit

Gulf Coast Business Credit specializes in oil and gas industry accounts receivable financing and asset-based lending. It understands that the oil and gas industry is very busy, so aims to make the factoring process as simple as possible.

Factoring Amounts

Gulf Coast Business Credit does not list their factoring fees or amounts.


  • No monthly minimums
  • No long-term contracts
  • Credit reviews and collection assistance upon request


  • No information found about funding limits
  • No information found about rates

Why SB Factoring

SB Factoring offers same-day approval on invoice factoring, with a 92% approval rating. It only deals with companies in the oilfield industry, so has an in-depth understanding of the businesses workings and needs.

Factoring Amounts

SB Factoring provides invoice advances up to 95%.


  • Application processed within 24 hours
  • Same-day funding on approved invoices
  • Online invoice upload


  • No information found about funding limits
  • No information found about rates

Final Thoughts on Invoice Factoring for Oilfield

Regardless of what invoice factoring company for oilfield you choose for your business, invoice factoring is an effective financial solution to help you get paid for your invoices now. If you have further questions about oilfield factoring services, our Complete Oilfield Factoring Guide has the answers.

We’ve found that when businesses have improved cash flow, they’re freed from a huge hurdle keeping them from growth, and they no longer worry about having enough cash to keep their business running – even if they have enough money in accounts receivable. Having peace of mind about their cash flow situation while being able to grow their business is why so many successful oilfield service companies take advantage of invoice factoring.

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