We’re partnering with Cortex to make managing cash flow even easier for suppliers

Businesses sending invoices with Cortex no longer need to wait on payments.

May 4th, 2017

Users of the Cortex platform will be able to connect accounts with FundThrough and view a dashboard of unpaid invoices eligible for funding immediately. With the click of a button funds are deposited into the business’ bank account – no more waiting for payment terms of 30, 60 or 90 days from buyers.

Repayments are made to FundThrough on a weekly schedule for a fraction of the invoice value. The buyer retains the original payment agreement and pays its supplier when the invoice is due, as usual.

Save hours each week with Cortex streamlined invoicing

Cortex provides an online, flexible invoicing platform designed to streamline payments for both buyers and suppliers. You want to get paid quickly and easily – you can do that with Cortex;

  • invoice customers accurately and reduce errors by verifying billing requirements. In the event of an error, you’re notified right away,
  • skip the line and send invoices electronically to the correct person, not through postal system or a general email mailbox, and
  • improve your payment visibility with real-time invoice status updates directly from the platform, eliminating the need to email or call.

Cortex brings trading partners together onto one platform to transact business efficiently and helping businesses get paid faster. This is why FundThrough joined forces with Cortex – to make a real impact in the day-to-day operations of supplier businesses.

If you don’t have a Cortex account yet, visit to sign up today.

What our teams have to say

“I believe the timing couldn’t be better for this partnership,” says Deepak Ramachandran, co-founder and CTO of FundThrough.

“The oil and gas industry is experiencing a much-needed rejuvenation after several difficult quarters, but access to growth capital is still a challenge for many new and recovering businesses.”

“FundThrough extends credit based on the quality of a client’s buyer, not on their business history. Now thanks to the Cortex platform, we’re able to offer unprecedented access to capital for the industry.”

Elena Dumitrascu, VP, Strategic Partnerships for Cortex shared “this partnership with FundThrough is a natural fit for us, as it provides Suppliers on the Network the ability to get their invoices paid when they want, ensuring they have the funds they need to grow their business.”

How to fund your Cortex invoices using FundThrough



Create a free account with FundThrough. When you enter your user information you’ll be asked to indicate Cortex as your accounting software and input your trading group token. Once approved, FundThrough calculates a credit limit for your business. This limit can grow as you fund invoices on the platform.

FundThrough uses a read-only connection to pull invoicing data from Cortex and presents a dashboard of your unpaid invoices eligible for funding. Once you select the invoices you wish to fund, deposits are made automatically the next business day directly into your business bank account. Read about getting started on the FundThrough platform or chat with us online if you have any questions.

If you don’t have a Cortex account yet, visit to sign up today.

Optimism and Growth

Steven Uster, co-founder and CEO of FundThrough summarized the partnership, adding “if a car runs on gas then a business runs on cash, FundThrough and Cortex are working to ensure that engine never stops.”


About Cortex Business Solutions

Headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada Cortex Business Solutions Inc. trades in the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX.V) under the ticker symbol (CBX).

Cortex’s strategy is to revolutionize B2B document exchange by replacing traditional paper-based manual systems with automated e-invoicing. This positions companies with the scalability and flexibility needed to meet the demands of today’s business. Cortex offers a B2B network that enables electronic invoicing for buying and supplying organizations using flexible connection methods to leverage existing customer technologies and processes. Access to the Cortex Network enhances the exchange of documents allowing companies to connect and interact with each other to grow their businesses.

Cortex is currently delivering e-invoicing services to over 10,000 Trading Partners in Oil & Gas, Mining, and Sports & Entertainment industries, with a focused expansion into additional verticals.

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