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FundThrough turns unpaid invoices into
quick cash.

✔️ Quick cash,

✔️ Responsive customer service

✔️ Technology-backed experience 

Turn unpaid invoices into working capital

Don’t wait on net terms. Get an advance on your outstanding invoices with Invoice Factoring.

Find out how you can continue to get the quick cash, responsive customer service, and technology-backed experience you’ve come to expect with FundThrough. 

Cash flow you can count on without
bank obligations​​

Make payroll, buy in bulk, or take on growth projects with peace of mind.

Free up your cash

Get fast cash flow you can control without the complications of a bank 

Fund only what you want

Get the funding you need when you need it – no debt, equity, or minimums required

Transparent fees

AI technology and automation make it simple and easy for you to get funded 

How it Works

1. Connect

Tell us about your business and connect your QuickBooks account if you have one

2. Get Offer

We’ll suggest a funding offer based on your business and customer size

3. Select Invoices

Choose the invoices you’d like to get funded

4. Get Funded

Receive next day payment directly to your linked bank account upon approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FundThrough is integrated with Quickbooks. If you have a QuickBooks account, we highly recommend connecting your account to FundThrough to pull in eligible invoices and make funding faster and easier. If your accounting software isn’t supported, you can still certainly fund with us by manually uploading invoices. 

Users have the ability to fund invoices of any size on FundThrough’s platform. Invoices must be less than 90 days old to be eligible for funding. If you connect your QuickBooks or OpenInvoice account, FundThrough will automatically pull invoices that are eligible for funding onto your dashboard.

Innovation is one of our company values! FundThrough leverages technology to automate the manual processes that many traditional financial institutions still use today. 

If you need alternative arrangements to pay an invoice, reach out to our client success team who will work closely with you to find a solution that fits your business.

No. Creating a FundThrough account and advancing invoices will not affect your credit score.

We are obligated to report any bad-faith borrowing or fraudulent activity to the appropriate credit bureau.

Yes. FundThrough uses secure, bank-grade, 256-bit encryption to protect your data. We never see or store third-party usernames or passwords.

Yes, opening and keeping a funding account doesn’t cost a thing. We don’t charge hidden fees and you’re never obligated to advance invoices. Many owners simply enjoy having FundThrough in their back pocket, ready for a rainy day cash flow gap – we fit neatly next to your umbrella.

Please contact your account manager, and they will assist you in cancelling your account.

FundThrough was launched in 2014 and has since shot up to become a leader in the financial technology space, funding more than a billion dollars in invoices. Learn more about FundThrough.

Invoice factoring is a form of financing where a business owner sells invoices to a factoring company for fast access to funds. The business owner receives cash for the invoice amount, usually less fees, ahead of the payment terms. The business owner’s customer, who is responsible for paying the invoice, instead pays the invoice amount to the factoring company according to the original payment terms. Invoice factoring also goes by the terms accounts receivable factoring or receivable financing.

The reason there’s a demand for factoring is because of cash flow issues caused by long business to business (B2B) payment terms. In many industries, it’s not uncommon for standard payment terms to be anywhere from 30 to 120 days. Instead of business owners being paid right after they’ve delivered goods and/or services, they have to wait to receive customer payments. With invoice factoring, you can get quick cash to easily keep your business growing and thriving through, making payroll, buying new equipment, paying your own suppliers, hiring staff, or fulfilling large orders or projects. 


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