Recurring Revenue Financing

Get the capital you need today to invest in tomorrow.

Recurring revenue financing provides the funds in advance to increase available cash for the business


We provide the funds now so you can sign new clients before your regular revenue arrives.

With recurring revenue financing, your business will no longer have to decline profitable contracts solely because you cannot afford the initial cash investment to establish the new client.

Unlock your future cash flow.

Do you bill the same amount each month from your customers and possess long-term contracts? Does waiting for your payments sometimes cause cash flow issues? Try Express Invoice Funding today,

Where FundThrough can help

A closer look

What is it?

Recurring revenue is the portion of a company’s revenue that is predictable, stable, and likely to continue. Recurring revenue financing provides regular borrowed payments to offset the cost of waiting for your future recurring revenue. For example, SaaS (software as a service) companies have regular monthly bill payments from their customers at the end of each pay period. Recurring revenue financing provides the funds in advance to increase available cash for the business.

How does it work?

Our recurring revenue financing service is set up as a regular borrowing schedule, creating a base that is equal to seven times your company’s recurring month revenue as a line of credit with FundThrough. This increases cash flow and ensures that your company has what it needs, when required. Recurring revenue financing provides efficient access to funding that permits your business to grow ahead of equity financing.

Benefits to users

Simple qualification process

In order to qualify for recurring revenue financing, we determine whether your company has demonstrated its ability to predictably receive payments totalling the same amount based on a regular period of time. If your company possesses this reliability, you will qualify for our recurring revenue financing service.

Total funding flexibility

Our recurring revenue financing service offers flexible terms based on the changing needs and conditions of your business. Each individual business will have different recurring revenues, and may require different funding based on this as well as cash flow.

White-glove service

FundThrough provides top-notch care to each customer. Upon signing an agreement with us, we will ensure that every aspect of our service reaches a high-quality standard. This includes regular reviews of your recurring revenue amounts, with adjustments based on the growth of your recurring revenue base.
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