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See our straightforward pricing and discover why you get more than capital when you work with FundThrough

What it costs to fund an invoice with us

When you fund an invoice, we’ll advance you the face value minus a percentage as our fee. Our fee is 2.75% per 30 days. That’s it: we do not charge any hidden fees.

Here are the fees you can expect for different lengths of net terms.

Net TermsFee
1 – 30 days2.75%
31 – 45 days3.75%
46 – 60 days5.5%
61 days+8.25%

Who we typically work with

While we provide flexible funding for a variety of businesses, they often have a few traits in common:

    • Located in Canada or the U.S.
    • Businesses that are invoicing large businesses, like big box stores or major industry buyers
    • Industries such as oil and gas, staffing, manufacturing, B2B wholesale & retail, professional services and technology, agriculture, automotive, building supplies

Our basic requirements

You might be a fit for FundThrough if you meet all the following requirements:

    • Outstanding invoice of at least $100K in accounts receivables or invoices to one customer
    • Invoice other businesses (B2B) or government agencies
    • Invoices are for completed work (with an expected due date)
    • No construction or real estate
    • No explicit liens on receivables that you aren’t willing to have removed

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FundThrough Gives You More Than a Funded Invoice

We partner with you to help your business grow and thrive


Unlimited funding for growth or expenses

Cash flow gaps caused by net terms cause stress and limit the business’ potential, especially a growing business. FundThrough ensures you get unlimited funding so you can go after big projects, buy equipment, make hires, and more to take full advantage of every opportunity – or simply make payroll with peace of mind.



An experienced, dedicated partner

Our account managers have a can-do attitude to help you get funding, whether it’s for growth or everyday expenses. Our founders are also entrepreneurs with deep experience in business finance. Clients consider us a long-term partner in their growth and success. Learn more about our team.


No debt, dilution, or long-term commitment

Unlike bank financing or equity, invoice factoring doesn’t create debt or take away your control. And once your customer pays FundThrough, there’s no more commitment. (You can even factor invoices to add cash to your balance sheet!)

“What was remarkably refreshing was FundThrough’s interest in what we did beyond the numbers. That was very meaningful for us. SCC is an organization that was built on a very human foundation. When we find people who desire to understand more than balance sheets and cash flow statements, that is meaningful to us.”

Nigel Page, Chief of Staff, Self Care Catalysts

Ready to fund an invoice?

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Quick, Easy Capital Through Tech-Powered Invoice Funding

FundThrough gives you capital for your outstanding invoices in days while we wait for your customer to pay on net terms. Submit any eligible invoice for payment in a click through our platform and get back to business. Our team will guide you through our easy process to get set up and get funded.

Ready to fund an invoice?

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