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Payroll, Simplified: Flexible Solutions for Staffing Agencies and Small Business Owners

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The Payroll Problem for Staffing Agencies and Small Businesses

Every month, you’ve got the same challenge: making payroll. For staffing companies and small businesses, this recurring cost is likely among the largest. It’s not just a financial burden; it’s an emotional one too. The strain of not being able to pay employees on time can damage reputations, not to mention the toll it takes on relationships with candidates and clients.

But why does this happen? It boils down to a lack of cash flow, often caused by 30, 60, or 90 day invoice payment terms. At FundThrough, we’re entrepreneurs who have experienced the pain of slow cash flow ourselves. We built our tech-powered invoice funding platform to helping firms like yours get their invoices paid in days. Enter payroll funding.

What is payroll funding?

Payroll funding is a financial solution where a company sells its outstanding invoices to a third-party funder (like FundThrough) who pays the invoices quickly, unlocking immediate access to working capital. This helps bridge the cash flow gap between billing clients and paying employees, so businesses can continue operating without financial strain.

Payroll Funding Company: FundThrough provides quick, easy capital for payroll

We understand the unique challenges faced by staffing businesses and other small to medium businesses when it comes to payroll processing. With years of experience working with companies who need to make payroll, we recognize the importance of reliable payroll funding for staffing agencies and other businesses. We’ve seen firsthand the pressures that fluctuating cash flow can create, and that’s why we provide a wide range of tailored solutions to address these specific issues. From tech-savvy solutions to dedicated support, our approach has made us one of the best payroll funding companies in the industry. Here’s why our clients, who range from staffing agencies to diverse small businesses, choose us:

Quick Access to Capital: We know that time is money, so we make sure to provide our clients with the ability to get their invoices paid in days through our efficient funding process. This swift approach ensures that cash flow remains consistent and helps businesses grow without delay.

Flexible Funding: Our platform is built to cater to your unique needs. You can access funding whenever required, with no minimum volume constraints after your initial setup. Choose the invoices you want to factor, keeping control over your financial decisions.

Easy Funding Process: We pride ourselves on our user-friendly approach. Submitting an invoice for funding is as straightforward as a single click after customer setup, simplifying the typically complex funding procedures.

No Long-Term Commitment: Our commitment is to your business success, not tying you into long-term contracts. Once your customer pays their invoice, there is no further obligation, providing you with the flexibility to fund only when you want to.

Transparent Pricing: Our pricing structure features a clear, single up-front fee. There are no hidden costs, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re paying for. See our pricing here.

Dedicated Support: We value your business and provide dedicated account managers to offer personalized support at every step of the funding process. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to guide you whenever needed.

Accounting Integrations: With integration options for popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Enverus, we enable you to pull eligible invoices directly from your accounts. This seamless connection adds another layer of convenience to our services.

100% Advance Rates: At FundThrough, we advance the entire invoice less one fee. This ensures you have all the funding you ned to make payroll.

Unlimited Funding: You can get as much funding as you have invoices for, allowing for an endless possibility to scale and succeed.

Ready to get payroll funding?

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How Payroll Funding for Small Business Works

Getting your invoices paid promptly shouldn’t be a hassle. It’s all about putting you in control and allowing you to get back to running your business. Here’s our process:

1. Create or Connect Your Account:

  • It’s free and easy to set up an account.
  • If you already use QuickBooks or OpenInvoice, you can connect your existing account in minutes.
  • If your business meets our requirements, you could be the perfect fit for FundThrough’s unique solutions.


2. Select Your Invoices:

  • Choose the invoices you want to fund, either by uploading them manually or connecting to QuickBooks or OpenInvoice for automatic syncing.
  • Our seamless integration with popular accounting software amplifies the ease and speed of obtaining funding, streamlining the entire process.


3. Receive Your Funds:

After selecting the invoices, FundThrough works with your customer to redirect payment and verify your invoices. Once the approval process is completed, you receive next-day payment directly to your linked bank account. That means funds as significant as $1,000,000 or more could be in your bank in a few days.

4. Get Back to Business:

Once your customer pays the invoice to FundThrough based on the agreed net terms, there’s no further commitment on your end. You can then focus entirely on your business and access quick, easy invoice payments through the platform anytime you need more funding.

Ready to fund an invoice for payroll?

How to Qualify for Payroll Funding with FundThrough

1. Legal Business Establishment:

Your staffing business or other enterprise must be legally established, complying with all relevant regulations.

2. Up-to-Date on Taxes:

Keeping your taxes current ensures a smooth process, aligning with our best payroll funding practices.

3. No Liens on Accounts Receivable:

If there are explicit liens on receivables that you aren’t willing to have removed, it may affect your eligibility.

4. Basic Qualifications:

  • Have an outstanding invoice of at least $100K in accounts receivables or invoices to one customer.
  • Invoice other businesses (B2B) or government agencies.
  • Ensure that invoices are for completed work with an expected due date.


Our easy and tech-savvy process allows you to get the payroll funding you need quickly, with terms tailored to your needs. If you meet all the requirements above, you might be a perfect fit for FundThrough.

See if you qualify in less than 5 minutes

Industries That Benefit From Payroll Funding

Payroll funding, often known as staffing factoring or invoice financing, is a versatile solution designed to support various business needs. From healthcare to IT, many industries can find value in payroll funding. Here’s how FundThrough can cater to startup staffing companies, small businesses, and others in specific sectors:

1. Payroll Funding for Staffing:

Different Niches: Whether you run a healthcare staffing agency, a human resources company, or a finance staffing firm, payroll funding is applicable across many types of staffing companies. Get more information about invoice factoring for staffing companies.

2. Payroll funding for Small Business:

Small businesses often struggle with cash flow shortages and delayed customer payments. Payroll funding offers an easy way to access working capital, providing the financial flexibility to pay employees.

3. Healthcare and Medical:

Healthcare providers and medical staffing agencies can use payroll funding to ensure uninterrupted service by accessing immediate funds for timely payment to staff and suppliers.

4. Warehouse, Janitorial, Professional Staffing:

Payroll funding supports these industries in ensuring the business keeps running smoothly.

5. Government Contracting:

For businesses working with government agencies, payroll funding offers a way to manage the cash flow demands of large-scale projects.

Payroll Funding for Staffing Case Study:
How Ace Recruitment is Building Their Business

Ace Recruitment’s success story with payroll funding is a testament to how this financial solution can transform a business. With around four years in the staffing industry, Ace Recruitment faced the tough issue of maintaining positive cash flow to grow the team, invest in marketing, and even pay existing staff on time.

Partnering with FundThrough, they were able to overcome the challenges of clients taking up to 90+ days to pay invoices. “That’s changed with having access to funding, so my strategy now is to target larger clients that can accept net-30 terms. I can bring them in, fund those invoices, and not take a massive hit until I get my remittances.” – Sami Boubertakh, Ace Recruitment’s Account Manager.

Read more about their journey and how they effectively leveraged payroll funding to pay workers and grow their company here.

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Easy Access to Capital

Get funding anytime without bank hassles or limits by working with FundThrough. We offer unlimited funding, so the more you invoice, the more capital you can access. Take on growth projects, hire essential staff, and make payroll with peace of mind that you have the funding you need at your fingertips.

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Fast, Flexible Funding

Skip waiting on net payment terms and get paid quickly, with a secure source of flexible funding. No debt, dilution, hidden fees, or monthly minimums mean you’re in control of your capital, instead of waiting on slow-paying customers.

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Simple Funding Process

Integrations with QuickBooks and OpenInvoice combined with AI and automation make it easy to get funded and get back to business. Get a funding boost in one click (after customer setup).

How Online Invoice Financing Works

Create or connect your account in minutes

Create a free account or connect your QuickBooks or OpenInvoice account, and provide information about your business.

Choose which invoices to fund

Submit eligible unpaid invoices to FundThrough. We provide unlimited funding for your business based on the size of your outstanding invoices. Simply select which eligible invoices you want to fund, and submit them in one click (after customer set up).

Advance invoices in days

Select eligible invoices to advance. Deposits are made within days and your customer sends invoice payments to FundThrough according to the agreed upon terms.

Get funded, then get back to business

Upon approval, funds are deposited into your business bank account as quickly as the next business day. Put your capital to work for growth projects, payroll, equipment, hires, and more.

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  We use bank-level encryption to protect your data.

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On the Intuit Quickbooks App Store:

"I am pleased to recommend FundThrough for early stage and established small business funding for the type of products and ease of doing business." ~James R.

"I've been looking for this tool for the past few years and stumbled on FundThrough during my participation at QuickBooks Connect. They have a great software." ~Xtiane

"I really like this company, they are 1st class! They have a very nice platform and are at the top of their game! They have fast approvals and will help you along the way..." ~Unified

On Google Reviews:

"FundThrough has been instrumental in helping my company meet its cash flow needs quickly, easily and for low cost." ~Mark B.

"We started using FundThrough in August of 2017. What impressed me the most has been the quick turnaround." ~Ahmed A.

"Overall I have been quite satisfied with FT. I signed up with them about eight months ago and have used the service once. I've also recommended it to other clients." ~Stephanie

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