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Don't let slow-paying oil and gas companies stop you from growing your business. With FundThrough, funds are just one click away.

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Why Factor with FundThrough?

FundThrough has funded millions of dollars to thousands of businesses in the energy industry across the U.S. and Canada.

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Quick Process

Create an account and get approved in a day. Our online platform gives you access to funds from outstanding invoices in as little as 24 hours upon approval.


Simple Pricing

Instant funding with one flat fee. No contracts or obligations. Fund your invoices as you want, whenever you want.

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Dedicated Representative

Work with a dedicated account owner who is committed to the success of your business. Get in touch anytime.

OpenInvoice Integration

Our partnership with OpenInvoice allows you to get started faster. Simply connect and start funding.

*Get your first 25k funding
for free

* For a limited time, FundThrough will reimburse qualified Enverus Suppliers customers on all funding fees for their first $25,000 in funding once invoices are paid to FundThrough.

OpenInvoice + FundThrough

FundThrough is a trusted partner of the OpenInvoice network

No obligation to fund, no application fee, no annual fee.
Pay only when you fund.

How it Works

  1. Link your OpenInvoice account to FundThrough

Sign-up is quick and easy. You link your OpenInvoice account and we get to work on pulling in your invoice data.

  1. Select the invoices you want to advance

Fund as little or as much as you need, with any buyer on the OpenInvoice network. Advance specific invoices or your entire book of receivables.

  1. Get your funds, less fees, within one business day

You get the full face value of your invoice, less fees, right away while we wait for your customer to pay us directly.

FundThrough + OpenInvoice: Get Your Invoices Paid in a Day

Case Study

Steel River’s leadership had a lot of questions about factoring. But FundThrough proved that invoice factoring wasn’t just a simple way to get improve cash flow, but it was also a vital tool to drive growth and ultimately reduce the stress that comes with running a business. Steel River tops the Canadian Business’s 2020 Startup List at #1.

“There is definitely a sense of peace of mind knowing that if the client doesn’t pay the invoice, we can factor it, and we can make our payments. There is definitely peace of mind when we think about FundThrough.”



Read the full case study here →

Ready to Convert Outstanding Invoices into Cash Flow?


The oil & gas industry in North America is a profitable yet challenging one. The biggest hurdle small business owners face in the way of growth is cash flow. Liquidity problems generally arise from slow-paying customers, which is the norm in the oil and gas industry.

Extended customer payment terms mean business owners within the oil and gas industry often wait more than 90 days for invoice payment – making it difficult for these small businesses to maintain their cash flow and take on new projects.

Factoring allows businesses to convert their outstanding invoices into cash flow quickly. Factoring has become essential for all businesses within the oil and gas industry. Getting funds through invoice factoring is faster, easier, and more accessible than traditional oil and gas loans. It is also a great option for new oil and gas businesses, as it doesn’t require stringent credit checks or lengthy sales records.

Oil and gas factoring allows for a steady source of working capital for small businesses. Here is how:

  • They have more capital to invest
  • They can make payroll on time and keep their employees happy
  • They can take on more projects and find new customers
  • They can build better relationships by paying their customers on time

All of this, without incurring new debt.

Oil and gas factoring is used across the industry in various services. Services include site maintenance, site exploration, pipeline construction, and surveying and mapping oilfields. If you are involved in any oil and gas business, chances are you have slow-paying customers.

Extended payment terms are common in the oil and gas industry. These can put a financial burden on your business. If you have outstanding invoices ready to be paid, let us know. If you are unsure whether oil and gas factoring can help you, consult our experts. Give us a call at +1 (888) 813 4547.

If any of these are impacting your business, then oil and gas factoring is the best option for your business.

A) Your customers want extended payment terms

B) You are a new company without established credit

C) Outstanding invoices are causing cash flow problems

FundThrough understands that your time is valuable, and as such, we’re committed to ensuring your business receives a fast decision. There are no contracts or obligations, and you choose what you fund.

Miranda Miller
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I've used FundThrough for a couple of years now as a tool to help support the growth of my company. We're able to take on larger contracts knowing that cash flow isn't going to be an issue for us. It's super easy to use once you have your bookkeeping and banking connected, too. Highly recommend for other small business owners.
Anna Solis
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With the help of FundThrough we have been able to exponentially grow our company quickly and efficiently. We've been able to obtain projects that were considered beyond our wildest dreams. Its happening because together; we've made it happen. Working with them has been an incredible experience!
Janna Glenn
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FundThrough is truly a safety net for small business. The process was simple and the team is extremely professional and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Lydia Craycraft
Read More
Working with Fundthrough has been a great avenue for instant revenue. If you are a contractor who has access to working with Fundthrough and you want a steady and reliable source of funding, I would recommend you reach out and find out terms for your business. It has changed the way we are able to manage cash flow in our business.

No obligation to fund, no application fee, no annual fee.
Pay only when you fund.

Got Questions?

We’re here to help! Our dedicated support team can answer all of your questions and get you on your way to cash flow freedom.

Call +1 877-843-0531

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*Promotion applies to newly approved FundThrough fundings on accounts in good standing, on eligible invoices only.  To qualify for this offer you must be a Workbench or Cortex user with a FundThrough-enabled account. Promotion is valid until December 31st, 2021. Funding fees will be charged on the funding initially and rebated once all funded invoices during the promotional period have been paid to FundThrough. For further information on this promotion please contact FundThrough directly at +1877-843-0531.