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Connect FundThrough with Jobber to fund any invoice without waiting on payment.

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Tired of waiting 30, 60 or 90+ days to receive payment from clients?

Using FundThrough, contractors receive advance funds on outstanding invoices to buy supplies, finance jobs, meet payroll, and expand their business.

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What does it mean to get paid instantly?


Run multiple jobs

Access the capital needed to begin another project today.


Pay your crew

Meet payroll while they work on a job — not after you get paid.


Keep suppliers smiling

Pay vendors on time and access bulk discounts


Take control of credit

Use business funds to fund your business


Grow your business

Bid confidently on new projects - knowing you'll have cash for the job

How it works

Fund one or many invoices

Select which invoice to fund. Fund as many as needed up to your approved funding limit.

Access even higher limits

You're approved for an initial credit limit which grows as you fund invoices with FundThrough.

Lower your cost of funding

Repay your principle early, and we will waive the remaining weekly fees.

Get started for free

Sign up today and access funds as soon as you're approved - there's no obligation to fund and no cost until you do.

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"With FundThrough, I bid confidently on new jobs knowing I’ll have the funds I need to start the project"

- Mario, Accuro Contracting Ltd.

“I knew that having my own company wouldn’t be easy,” he says. “But I like doing my own thing. It’s more rewarding.” Despite plenty of work at hand, starting a new business hasn’t been easy...

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Funding as a Jobber user gets you:

  • Credit limits up to $2 million
  • Funding within one business day
  • Simple 3-minute setup
  • No hidden fees, ever
  • Optional early repayment to waive fees

"Your support team was amazing. They made everything very easy."

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Megan McElwain

Owner – McElwain & Company

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