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Speed up cash flow. Speed up growth.

Get your invoices paid in days - instead of months - to unlock working capital to grow your freight or logistics business.

Why Work with FundThrough?

FundThrough has funded more than a billion dollars to thousands of businesses across the U.S. and Canada, including freight and logistics companies.

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Quick Process

Apply in less than 5 minutes. Our online platform gives you access to funds from outstanding invoices in days.

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Simple Pricing

Instant funding with one flat fee. No hidden fees or obligation to fund. Fund the invoices you want, and only pay when you fund.

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Dedicated Support

Our account owners have worked with freight and logistics companies before and are here to answer your questions. Get in touch anytime.

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Quickbooks Integration

If you use QuickBooks, simply connect your account and select the invoices you want to fund.

FundThrough is a trusted partner for growing freight companies

No obligation to fund, no application fee, no annual fee.
Pay only when you fund.

How it Works

  1. Connect or create your account

Sign-up is quick and easy. You can link your QuickBooks Online account to automatically pull in your invoices, or create an account without a connection.

  1. Select the invoices you want to advance

Fund as little or as much as you need. Advance specific invoices or your entire book of receivables. Only pay when you fund.

  1. Get your funds, less fees, in days

You get the full face value of your invoice, less a fee, while we wait for your customer to pay us directly.

Ready to Turn Outstanding Invoices into Cash Flow?


Users have the ability to fund invoices of any size on FundThrough’s platform. Invoices must be less than 90 days old to be eligible for funding. FundThrough integrates directly with QuickBooks Online to automatically pull invoices that are eligible for funding onto your dashboard, or you can still create a free account even if you don’t use QuickBooks.

Innovation is one of our company values! FundThrough leverages technology to automate many of the manual processes that traditional financial institutions still use today. This allows us to provide you with a funding recommendation and process your invoices in as little as one business day.

If you’re interested in using FundThrough but don’t see a payment plan that suits the needs of your business, reach out to our support team who will work closely with you to find a solution that fits your business.

FundThrough uses information from your business bank account and accounting software to assess your cash flow and provide you with a suitable funding recommendation.

No. Creating a FundThrough account and advancing invoices will not affect your credit score.

We are obligated to report any bad-faith or fraudulent activity to the appropriate credit bureau.

Yes. FundThrough uses secure, bank-grade, 256-bit encryption to protect your data. We never see or store third-party usernames or passwords.

Yes, opening and keeping a funding account doesn’t cost a thing. We don’t charge annual fees and you’re never obligated to advance invoices. Many owners simply enjoy having FundThrough in their back pocket. But given recent economic events, more users have turned to invoice funding as a best practice and preferred method of self-funding compared to traditional financial methods.

Yes, you can cancel your account so long as you don’t have any open requests or outstanding balances. Please connect to one of our support representatives online, and they will assist you in canceling your account.

FundThrough was launched in 2014 and has since shot up to become a leader in the financial technology space, funding tens of millions of dollars in invoices every month. We’re backed by some amazing VC and angel investors and are continuously developing new products to serve under-banked small businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

We have two products: Express and Velocity. Express is 0.5% per week, and Velocity is 2.5% per month. These fees are billed based on the terms of your invoice. You will always see your fees beforehand, and you only pay when you draw funds.

Miranda Miller
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I've used FundThrough for a couple of years now as a tool to help support the growth of my company. We're able to take on larger contracts knowing that cash flow isn't going to be an issue for us. It's super easy to use once you have your bookkeeping and banking connected, too. Highly recommend for other small business owners.
Anna Solis
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With the help of FundThrough we have been able to exponentially grow our company quickly and efficiently. We've been able to obtain projects that were considered beyond our wildest dreams. Its happening because together; we've made it happen. Working with them has been an incredible experience!
Janna Glenn
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FundThrough is truly a safety net for small business. The process was simple and the team is extremely professional and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Lydia Craycraft
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Working with Fundthrough has been a great avenue for instant revenue. If you are a contractor who has access to working with Fundthrough and you want a steady and reliable source of funding, I would recommend you reach out and find out terms for your business. It has changed the way we are able to manage cash flow in our business.

No obligation to fund, no application fee, no annual fee.
Pay only when you fund.

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