Easy to embed financing for modern B2B Marketplaces

The future of B2B Marketplaces is here. Keep your buyers and suppliers happy by offering your buyers flexible payment terms, and suppliers the option to get paid right away. FundThrough’s API is built to easily integrate within marketplace checkouts, and works for B2B transactions of any size.

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Streamlined for improved user experience

Allow users to pay by invoice and access financing directly within your marketplace

Increase transaction size and loyalty

Embedding your billing and payment experience are key factors in customer retention

New stream of revenue

Monetize financing by earning revenue share on ever funded transaction, at no additional risk or cost

Invoice floating over dollar bills and coins.

No Interest, Hidden Fees, or Dilution

Stamp in front of a document with a check mark on it

No Time-Consuming Paperwork

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Why FundThrough?

No limits to the amount a supplier can fund

FundThrough specializes in large B2B transactions from $50,000 to millions of dollars

Technology Enabled

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Flexible & Skilled Partners

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Other technology partners:

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