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Small business invoice funding is available online.

Our mission at FundThrough is to give small business owners better access to working capital by allowing them to leverage the credit strength of their customers on a unique, digital funding platform. So take everything you know about factoring finance and traditional invoice factoring companies and throw it out the window. Prepare to increase your company’s growth and reduce your customer’s payment terms to 24 hours, in just one click.

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Get the cash that you need to run your business. Starting is easy and it’s free to own an account forever. Enter basic information about your business, who your customers are, and how much you typically invoice so we can calculate the rate and the limit of your factoring line. The new generation of financial services technology is here.

Invoice factoring then and invoice factoring now

The traditional factoring financing institution needed a shake-up

Traditional factoring finance

Factoring finance, and more specifically, invoice factoring, is a cash management alternative that allows business owners to sell their accounts receivable to a third-party (i.e., invoice factoring companies) at a discount – enabling them to receive cash up front. While any business could stand to benefit from increased cash flow, invoice factoring, as one can imagine, is particularly useful for small to medium-sized companies experiencing cash flow gaps. Traditional factoring finance and invoice factoring companies have tended to compensate for risks associated with this kind of transaction by imposing stringent terms upon their customers.

Factoring finance at FundThrough — from now on, this is factoring

FundThrough takes factoring finance and the process of invoice factoring and makes it accessible online. We specialize in small business invoice factoring and work with rapidly expanding organizations to help them reach new heights. Our clients use FundThrough to factor their accounts receivable online, on their terms. Once invoices are approved, they will immediately have access to 100% of the invoice value as a line of credit. The approval process doesn’t involve looking at your company’s credit history, or how long you have been in business. Instead, we focus on the quality of your customers. No obligations to fund, one simple price.

Benefits to users

No long-term commitments

At FundThrough there are no long-term contracts. Owning an account is free forever until you decide to fund an invoice. You choose which invoice(s) you want to factor – whether it’s one or many. Our rates are transparent and affordable compared to those offered by traditional invoice factoring companies. You can even repay the balance early at any time without penalties or hidden fees. You can also automatically settle the account balance at the time when your invoice is due.

You retain control

Traditional invoice factoring companies force you to fund your entire book with a client. At FundThrough, you have the ability to choose which invoices you want to factor, and you don’t have to finance all of them. With full access to a personal client care manager to guide you through the process and handle your day to day needs, FundThrough is here to help make small business invoice factoring as easy as possible.

Better lending terms

With no contracts, no obligations, and full transparency, there is no reason not to use FundThrough. We are rewriting the rules of factoring with more flexible terms. Once we approve your application based on your customer’s credit, our funding is directly related to your outstanding invoices — the more you sell, the more capital you have available.

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