Get paid faster.
Grow your enterprise.

FundThrough helps DUCA Impact Lab clients get paid faster on outstanding invoices to manage your cash flow and invest in your enterprise or organization.

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FundThrough is a trusted DUCA Impact Lab partner

DUCA Impact Lab has partnered with FundThrough to help businesses across Canada who are waiting for customers to pay invoices.

Use your invoices to access anywhere from $500 to $25,000 to grow your business

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Manage cash flow

Maintain a smooth, predictable cash flow schedule on your terms.

Pay on time

Payroll, expenses, and supplies paid promptly. Watch your suppliers smile.

Expand operations

Hire more employees, upgrade your space, and start orders right away.

Getting started with FundThrough

1. Create a free account

No obligations, just a free and simple sign-up. Connections are secured with 256-bit encryption, just like your bank.

2. Connect your online bank and accounting software

A read-only connection lets us verify your unpaid invoices, evaluate your funding limit, and deposit funds into your account.

3. Choose which invoices to fund

Fund any number of invoices up to an approved limit – or factor large invoices at a preferred rate with no limit.

4. Celebrate cash flow freedom

We deposit the funds into your bank account within 24-48 hours so you can focus on getting down to business.


No cost to maintain an account

Creating an account, getting set up after approval, and uploading invoices are always free. No contracts, no obligations, and no annual fee.

Repay early and we waive fees

Repay the full balance of your advance anytime, and we’ll waive any remaining fees so you can save money.

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Create a free account to access cash flow freedom

No annual fees — pay only when you fund.

Grow your business today

Keeping your on-demand funding account is free forever.

“FundThrough solves a problem that keeps entrepreneurs up at night.”

– Mariam, Koa Natural Foods

Frequently Asked Questions

FundThrough funding limits are designed to work for businesses of all sizes – regardless of whether you’re looking for $500 or $25,000. Furthermore, your ability to fund grows automatically as you fund invoices and demonstrate strong repayment ability.

Traditional financial institutions generally want to see that you are an established business with a lengthy, positive business and personal credit history. At FundThrough, we’ve developed a model to evaluate your fundability using different criteria like your sales history and the credit strength of your customers to provide you with a funding limit. In addition to not affecting your personal or business credit score, our model enables us to provide financial access to businesses that have been underserved and overlooked by banks.

After completing your account, FundThrough will provide you with a decision within one business day.

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