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We are entrepreneurs

Everyone knows a business owner.

They’re our parents, our friends, our old classmates, and our community leaders. Small business owners, as a segment, produce the most GDP, employ the most workers, and constantly drive innovation. (Source)

And yet…

Russell is the founder of WAVES Apparel and a FundThrough Business Development Representative, here he's helping open up our brand-new office space.
Brendan is founder of Navigate Apparel and one of FundThrough's first-ever clients. Thanks, Brendan.

Over half of these small business owners are paid late.

Today’s invoice payment structure makes taking advantage of small, growing businesses far too easy. A large corporation can afford to pay slowly – but a small business cannot survive without cash.

FundThrough is transforming the way small businesses manage cash flow.

One-third of failed small businesses failed from a lack of cash on-hand. Many of those businesses were profitable. 

This situation is surmountable. With the support of our incredible community of investors, backers, and clients, FundThrough is transforming the way small businesses manage cash flow.

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we’re going to crush the cash flow problem. 

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We’re going to fix small business financing

Inclusion is

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FundThrough is committed to hiring individuals from all walks of life and strives to create an inclusive environment for all employees.

Our team encourages sharing unique perspectives. We believe that diversity is our strength and makes everything we do as a company just a little bit better. 


Meet the founders

Steven Uster, FundThrough CEO

Steven Uster

Co-Founder & CEO

Deepak Ramachandran

Co-Founder & CTO

Graham McBride


We finance the growth of thousands of small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Our  is in Toronto, with employees all over the world.


The code we live by


The code we live by


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Support, advice, and a true north star provided by our incredible team of investors.

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