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The Best Invoice Factoring Companies to Work With

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If you enter the phrase above on a search engine (or if you didn’t, you can imagine) you probably saw ads, results from review sites, and links to multiple invoice factoring companies. When you’re looking for the best invoice factoring company to work with, it’s hard to know which ones to short-list – let alone choose for your final decision. 


We went ahead and created the short list for you. While we, FundThrough, fund invoices to help small businesses get paid faster, that one internet search mentioned above will show you that there’s a world of options out there for getting funding. So in the spirit of transparency, here are a few to consider. 


Offering a variety of small business loans, FundBox offers term loans and revolving lines of credit up to $150,000 (in addition to invoice factoring). Founded in 2013, they use analytics, engineering, and predictive modeling to increase cash flow for small businesses. It has 275,000 small business customers and $2 billion funded since their founding in 2013. If your cash flow needs typically run less than the $150,000 limit, their loan options might make sense.


This is especially true because business funding options don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Like our CEO Steven Uster mentioned in a recent blog post about whether you should get a line of credit, different financial tools can be used for different purposes at the same time. (For example, you could use a revolving line of credit for operating expenses and invoice funding for taking on large projects or purchases).


Kabbage provides funding directly to small businesses and consumers through an automated lending platform. Another full service option, they offer options for lines of credit, invoicing and collecting payments. They also added business checking accounts as of June 2021. 

A unique aspect of their business is that they are an American Express owned-company, giving them extra resources to serve small business customers and solve their cash flow challenges.


While not an invoice factoring company per se, ClearCo is a lending firm that specializes in revenue share agreements with startups that don’t require equity or ownership. With more than $2 billion invested in more than 5,500 businesses, they say they are the world’s largest ecommerce investor. 

If you sell most of your products online, ClearCo could be a fit, especially if you are a founder. They recently launched ClearMatch, a data-driven partner recommendation service to help founders take full advantage of their growth opportunities.


A division of The Southern Bank Company, altLINE offers invoice factoring and A/R financing for a variety of industries, though their focus is on staffing and consulting. Because they are owned by a bank, they are a direct source of cash, enabling them to cut out some extra borrowing fees other factoring companies sometimes require. If you’re more comfortable working with a community-based bank, altLINE could be the partner you’re looking for.


Because this list includes companies that can help you fund your business (a.k.a. the best invoice factoring companies), we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how we can help, too. FundThrough gives you peace of mind about your cash flow, specializing in invoice factoring. You can fund invoices up to any amount. (We’ve funded invoices in millions of dollars plenty of times.) Take a look at our funding options, Velocity and Express, to see if one of them could be a fit. Or you can always reach out to us to talk over your situation and what might be the best option.

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