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FundThrough Embraces Diversity In Management and Staff

FundThrough has built a diverse management team and staff to spur innovation. The diverse staff has built momentum for the company as the fintech industry continues to evolve.

FundThrough’s roughly 50 employees and contractors include about 37 percent female representation. 

In an industry that tends to reflect much lower female participation overall, FundThrough values gender parity and cultural diversity. About 42 percent of FundThrough’s full-time employees are women, and 50 percent of women are represented at the management level.

Thoughts on Hiring a Diverse Team

“In an industry that, frankly, hasn’t done a very good job overall of helping women rise to significant roles, we have taken the opposite approach at FundThrough, ensuring that our management ranks, as well as the entire company, is pretty well-balanced in terms of gender representation,” says FundThrough CEO Steven Uster.

“And while that has great symbolic value, this carries much greater benefits for FundThrough. By recruiting and promoting the best talent we can find, regardless of gender, cultural background or ethnicity, FundThrough has emerged that much more quickly as an industry leader — and we have set ourselves up for long-term prosperity.”

Similarly, FundThrough employees represent a total of more than two dozen ethnic traditions and, among them, speak about 20 languages fluently. Languages include Farsi, Ukrainian, and Hindi as well as English and French. This broad cross-section of ethnicities ensures that FundThrough is benefiting from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences among its employees. 

“We highly value diverse backgrounds and points of view that are represented among our fantastic staff,” Uster says. “Through our diverse staff, we are better able to connect with a wide array of small-business owners. Our array of perspectives has helped both our customers and our company grow tremendously.”

About FundThrough

FundThrough is an online invoice financing platform dedicated to changing the way small businesses handle financing and invoicing. The innovative business landed millions in additional funding during 2018 and is growing steadily. Through an innovative business model and top-notch product, FundThrough is evolving how small businesses manage cash flow. FundThrough provides enterprises with the capital they need to keep their businesses operating.

FundThrough offers businesses flexible, on-demand working capital using their outstanding invoices to overcome cash flow gaps and accelerate their growth. 

The invoice financing platform empowers small, new, and growing businesses in the U.S. and Canada to have their invoices paid when they want in as little as 24 hours. For more information, visit

Source: PRWeb at Cision

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