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B2B News Network Goes ‘Inside the Mind Of…Steven Uster’

Last week, our CEO and Co-Founder Steven Uster sat down with Dave Gordon, a freelance writer for B2B News Network, to talk entrepreneurship, FinTech, cash flow, and of course FundThrough.

It was exciting to see the great questions Dave had to help B2B readers (and you) go ‘inside’ Steven’s mind. Perhaps our favourite was…

How did FundThrough get started, and how is it different from companies that do similar things?

[…] How are we different? Well, some amazing FinTechs in this space have innovated on models like crowdfunding and microloans. We’re the short term working capital platform for SMBs – we based our platform off of the “invoice factoring” model.

It’s a simple concept that’s actually been around for thousands of years, but hasn’t been adapted for the modern small business owner. Traditional factoring can be intrusive, difficult to setup and doesn’t offer much control to the borrower.

We think Steven’s answer sums up FundThrough and what we’re all about. To learn more about FundThrough and what we can do for your small business click here.

To read the full article on B2B News Network, click here.

Thanks again to Dave and the B2B team for the feature!

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