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“The Sportswear Guy” Puts A New Spin On Canadian Destination Marketing

“The Sportswear Guy” adds a new twist into Canadian destination marketing

Truthfulness is important for me, and I got that from FundThrough. The company says, ‘This is our cut’, and it’s clearly there out in the open. It’s even listed in weekly reports. You can see how much you paid. Nothing is hidden.”

CANARU Enterprises Corporation founder, Bob Jameh, has been involved in the multi-billion dollar imprintable apparel sector for over 20 years. After years of retailing ‘resort wear and souvenir apparel’ in the Dutch Caribbean’s ABC islands, he moved to Canada for family reasons in 2014. After coming to Canada, Bob started producing and marketing imprintable activewear from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. “Now after just 5 years, I’ve been credited as a reliable supplier for big box retailers, colleges, universities, sports teams, and tourist attractions.”

This business features demanding contracts or one-off seasonal deals with shortened production cycles. It also requires tremendous investments in raw materials and huge fulfillment work (labor) which, when done right, can yield exponential growth. 

FundThrough has helped Bob, “The Sportswear Guy” as many buyers call him, to increase and maintain that fast growth and profitability.

In my view, factoring unpaid invoices is a very common and practical tradition in the textile wholesale business. I initially learned about it decades ago, when I was a retailer for the products of other suppliers. The supplier (nowadays, I’m one of them) often can’t wait for the buyer’s payment terms, which can easily range between 30 and 90 days. Without factoring, those cash flow pausing days can be crippling or even fatal to wholesale businesses like mine. FundThrough uses a unique technological platform to process the financing of my open invoices, giving me the cash flow to keep my highvolume procurement moving forward.

“FundThrough is a necessity especially when working with large, powerful clients. Big box companies build their financial strength by offering lengthy payment terms to suit their own cash flow needs. Customers like myself end up waiting 30-90 days (or more) to get paid, but that schedule puts my business in a bind.” 

Bob is not complaining, though. He recognizes that waiting is part of the cost of doing business with mega-retailers. “You get a great customer who pays well, but they dictate their own terms.” And in that loaning milieu, “FundThrough helps me move on to other projects with absolute confidence.”

While factoring is the primary FundThrough benefit, Bob also praises the customer success team’s responsiveness. “The customer service has been great. I started with a FundThrough Express Invoice Financing account a few years ago. Then, I moved onto PRO Invoice Factoring.” He compliments the team for being resourceful and efficient. “You guys know what you’re talking about. You’re polite. I love dealing with you. You’re very professional. I left a review months ago on Google. I think FundThrough is an excellent company.”

Finally, like other FundThrough clients, Bob trusts the team to be honest when it comes to costs for services. “There’s nothing hidden. Many companies will say “Give me your invoice or check, and I’ll cash it for you!” But they’re total gimmicks. With FundThrough, we know exactly what we’re getting and when we’re getting it.”

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