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Digital 55 – Pioneering Creative Content with A Strategic Financial Partnership


Crafting the Future of Content through Strategic Financial Agility

Digital 55, an avant-garde digital studio, blends creative storytelling with cutting-edge technology to produce dynamic media and digital learning experiences. Under the leadership of founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lauralee Sheehan—an indie musician turned digital innovator—the company has carved a niche in creating impactful digital content that spans various interactive and media formats. However, the journey to innovation wasn’t without its financial hurdles. Traditional banking services, with their slow response times and rigid structures, didn’t have the agility to meet the fluid needs of a creative enterprise like Digital 55. This case study explores how Digital 55 found a simple solution in FundThrough, transforming their operational and growth strategies with a reliable, responsive financial partnership.

“FundThrough doesn’t just finance us; they empower us. It’s a partnership that grows with us, understanding our needs and responding with agility.” — Lauralee Sheehan

Lauralee Sheehan Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Digital 55's Journey

Blending Creativity and Technology to Redefine Digital Media

Since its inception, Digital 55 has been at the forefront of combining art with digital functionality, creating content that not only entertains but educates. With projects ranging from digital learning modules for educational institutions to original, unscripted media productions, the need for a finance solution that could adapt to varied and unpredictable project demands was clear.

The Challenge

Overcoming Traditional Banking Limitations to Sustain Growth

Digital 55’s main challenge was the rigid and unresponsive nature of traditional financial institutions. “Banks couldn’t keep pace with the rapid decision-making needed in our industry,” Lauralee noted. “Banks were slow to respond to our requests, and it just felt like they weren’t really ready to fund a small, quickly growing business because they support so many large corporations.” The banks’ lack of quick, reliable funding options and a true understanding of the digital content industry’s dynamics limited Digital 55’s ability to seize opportunities as they came up.

The Turning Point

Discovering a Flexible Financial Partner Aligned with Creative Ambitions

The turning point for Digital 55 came when they looked for a financial service that could offer more than just money—it needed to provide strategic support and partnership. Lauralee discovered FundThrough’s innovative funding solutions that promised not just rapid invoice financing but a partnership attuned to the needs of dynamic businesses like hers. “It was not just about getting funded but finding a partner that resonated with our pace and vision,” she explained.

Why Digital 55 Chose FundThrough

Responsive and Reliable Partnership:

“FundThrough felt like an extension of our team, always ready to support and respond to our needs swiftly,” Lauralee said. This responsiveness allowed Digital 55 to manage cash flow efficiently and handle operational expenses without delay, ensuring that they could maintain momentum even during periods of high demand or unexpected challenges.

Empowerment through Flexibility:

“Having access to funds exactly when we need them has changed how we manage our growth and operations,” Lauralee remarked. This flexibility has been crucial for taking on ambitious projects without the usual financial strain, enabling Digital 55 to respond quickly to market opportunities and client needs with the necessary resources at hand.

Accelerated Growth and Innovation:

“Partnering with FundThrough has really sped up our project timelines and helped us innovate at a much faster rate,” Lauralee highlighted. The ability to quickly get funding meant that Digital 55 could capitalize on creative opportunities without waiting for lengthy bank approvals, fostering an environment where innovation is not just encouraged, but actively supported by their financial partner.

The Road Ahead

Expanding Horizons in Digital Content

With the strategic support from FundThrough, Digital 55 is poised to expand its reach and impact in the digital content space. The company plans to launch more original content and expand its digital partnership initiatives, driving forward the integration of technology and creativity.

The Takeaway:

A New Standard for a True Financial Partnership in the Creative Sector

Digital 55’s partnership with FundThrough exemplifies how getting invoices paid early can transform a creative business. By moving beyond traditional banking relationships to embrace a flexible, understanding, and responsive partnership with FundThrough, Digital 55 has not only secured the financial agility required to thrive but has also set a new standard for how creative industries can grow and innovate. This collaboration marks a new chapter in the digital media landscape, where financial partnerships are as dynamic and forward-thinking as the creative projects they fund.

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