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Help your customers address any cash flow needs by referring them to FundThrough

About FundThrough

FundThrough offers small and medium-sized businesses advances on the basis of their outstanding invoices. Our funding ranges from $500 to over $2 million, depending on the strength of the business’ sales. Wherever the business is in their growth cycle, FundThrough can help bridge critical cash flow gaps. 

How to refer a customer to FundThrough

IMPORTANT – Always Submit Lead via Form

Please complete the fields on this page to provide us with some details about the Customer and their business.
In the “additional notes” field, it would be great if you could tell us what the Customer’s business does, the desired funding amount, and how much does the business have in unpaid accounts receivable. Once FundThrough has received the completed form, we will contact the Customer within 1 business day and tell them.

Link to self-serve online application

If a Customer is interested in learning more about FundThrough and wants to apply on their own time, you have the option to  direct them to sign up at their convenience at

Helpful Tools and Links

Click here for the DrChrono/FundThrough one pager that can be shared with customers

Click here to access the FundThrough website

Click here to access FundThrough FAQ’s

Click here to book time with a FundThrough specialist. 

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During business hours (9-5 EST), feel free to call us at 1-800-327-1358 or just use the little chat box in the bottom right corner, and we’ll answer as quickly as we can!

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