Implementing a Referral Page

A Referral Page is a page on our website or yours that explains FundThrough’s funding offerings, and guides customers to then onboard in FundThrough’s application.

Once onboarded, users will then be able to login to FundThrough, upload invoices, and request funding. In the future, customers will be able to open a window right within your application, learn more, pre-qualify, and fund invoices, all without leaving your user experience.


  • You host or FundThrough can build and host ourselves.
  • Quickly start referring your customers to FundThrough.
  • Optionally pass information about your users to FundThrough to speed up their onboarding process.


  • Differentiate your platform with an option to get paid faster.
  • Solve an additional business problem for your customers (i.e., poor cash flow) as a value-add.
  • Increase user stickiness by choosing to sell within your app experience.
  • Build user trust for your platform (and us, since FundThrough comes recommended from you).
  • Customize for your situation.

Technical Skill Required

None, if FundThrough hosts, as we will build the page. However, some work is required if you wish to pass information to the page.

Low to Medium, if you host. Depends on the tools you have available to build your website.

Setup (if FundThrough Hosts)

FundThrough’s Referral Pages follow a common template, and allow for some customization depending on your needs.

If you have decided with your Partner Manager that FundThrough will host your Referral Page:

  1. Send your Partner Rep the following:
    • Your logo: Should be high quality, ideally in a vector format such as SVG, EPS, or AI. If that’s not available, a PNG is fine.
    • Any brand guidelines you think we should follow, in particular colors.
  2. Review and approve your Referral Page.
  3. Start referring interested users to the page.

Setup (if Partner Hosts)

If you choose to build a Referral Page, we can provide guidance on how to best position FundThrough’s offerings:

  1. Build the page while following the Brand Guidelines.
    • Include a form that requests information about the lead, such as: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone, and Address.
  2. Pass the form’s information to FundThrough’s Sign Up flow, so that your customer doesn’t have to enter that information a second time.
  3. Let us know when your page is ready for us to review and test.

Providing Information to the Sign Up Flow

Send FundThrough the following payload in base64 format by appending it to the FundThrough signup URL when the customer submits the form on your landing page:

1. Create the Payload (in the following order)

					user_data= {
   "name":"First Name",
   "last_name":"Last Name",
   "company_name":"Company Name",
   "password":"plain text password",
      "street":"1 street SE",
      "street_two":"apt 123",
partner= Partner_name

Only First name, Last name, Company, Email and Partner values are mandatory.

2. Send the Payload

Base64 encode the payload and send it to:

For example, in JavaScript a base64-encoded string can be generated as follows:


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