Velocity Invoice Factoring

The same great invoice funding you expect from FundThrough, only faster and easier – with less admin work and lower fees!

How Is Velocity Invoice Factoring Different
from Express Invoice Funding?

Velocity (Most Popular)
Invoice Factoring

Unlimited funding

One-time payment

Streamlined funding process with Auto-Fund

First funding discount


2.5% per month

Invoice Funding

Unlimited funding

One-time payment

Streamlined funding process with Auto-Fund

First funding discount


6% (default)

While Express funding option has many benefits,
with Velocity, you could enjoy:

• No weekly repayments and lower fees (on terms less than Net 60 vs. default Express 12-week repayment plan)

• Access to UNLIMITED funding and ability to enable Auto-Fund

• Easily transition your Express balance to Velocity and first funding fee reimbursed (up to $50,000 invoice)!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates will vary on a number of factors, but in general Velocity invoice funding fees are 2.5% per 30 days. This is cheaper for Express clients who follow a typical weekly repayment schedule (0.5% per week interest for 12 weeks). For example: On a 30 day invoice, you can save 3.5% with Velocity.

As always, the total cost of funding is clearly communicated before any funds are advanced. In the event of delinquency, we may charge additional fees. Clients should refer to their funding agreement for more information.

Sometimes customers don’t pay on time. As long as there’s a clear expected pay date, FundThrough will wait for your customer to pay. If the invoice remains unpaid for an extended period, FundThrough may ask you to substitute another invoice for the value of the missing payment or pay the outstanding balance.

FundThrough contacts your customer for the initial setup, and to confirm any invoices you wish to fund – that’s it. In the event of late payment, we work with you first to resolve any issues before contacting your customer. Learn more about how we preserve your reputation when working with your customers. 

A lot more businesses factor than you think, and there are a lot of reasons people use factoring that don’t involve cash flow problems. Companies also use factoring to fund new business ventures or contracts, hire talent, invest in new equipment, and more. The fact is that many large companies are used to working with suppliers who use invoice factoring solutions, and have entire departments set up to handle these payments.

How Invoice Factoring
Helps Small Businesses

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. You have bills to pay, but you need customers to pay you to meet your obligations. Today, big companies are taking advantage of their suppliers and taking longer and longer to pay them on time. With invoice factoring, you get cash into your account right away by using invoices as collateral.

How Invoice Factoring with FundThrough Works


Add Invoices

Upload your invoices or connect to QuickBooks to automatically sync them.


Select Invoices to Fund

Choose any invoices you would like to fund.


Get Funded

Receive a deposit in your bank account in 24 hours and fund your business growth.

Clients Love Our Support

Small businesses wait 40 days on average* to get invoices paid by customers. Leveraging technology and customer service, FundThrough cuts that waiting time by 97% and accelerates cash flow for its clients.

*Based on FundThrough 2020 client data.

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"Great service and the team behind it is even better! Always there to help." ~Matthew M.

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