Get Paid for the Work You've Done

FundThrough turns ordinary customer invoices into powerful cash flow to fuel your business.
If you love the ease and speed of QuickBooks, let FundThrough eliminate the stress of invoice management.


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Get Paid on Your Terms

With FundThrough and QuickBooks Online, there is no more waiting to get paid for work you’ve already done. Just upload an invoice, and get paid – like clockwork – within 24 hours.

Imagine how that freedom can help shape your business.

Dramatically Improve Cash Flow

Turn customer invoices into the money you need to fuel your business. Hire new employees, launch new products, and say “Yes” to new customers.

Stop Waiting for Customers

Net 30? 60? 90? Not anymore. Receive money within 24 hours of uploading your invoice. It’s your money. Stop waiting.

Take the Guesswork out of Projections

Forecasting is time-consuming and relies on accurate, up-to-the-minute numbers. Eliminate uncertainty and know your capital outlook right away.

Always Be Connected

FundThrough seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks. Manage your invoices 24 hours per day and work with an experienced partner to help you grow to new heights.

Have an invoice to be paid? FundThrough will handle it. Upload it today. Get paid within 24 hours

Take Control Today. Grow by Tomorrow.

Upload an invoice for next-day payment.

The Working Capital You Need for One Low Price

Why spend time and money chasing slow-paying customers?

We charge a simple, flat fee to make cash flow management predictable and affordable.

One Price, Up Front

Get your invoice advance within 24 hours for the low fee of just 0.5% per week. 

Automatic Payments

Set up easy weekly payments and we’ll do all the rest. Just set it and forget it.

Flexible Payment Terms

Pay the invoice amount back early, and we’ll waive any remaining fees. 

Explore fast payments with an experienced fintech

Interested in possibly embedding FundThrough in your platform? Let’s connect!