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FundThrough is the premier destination for marketplace loans and peer to peer (P2P) lending in the U.S. and Canada.

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Our mission is to build a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure capable of quickly analyzing the risk profile of new loan applications and matching them with an appropriate lender.

Welcome to the banking revolution known as Fintech!

FundThrough is proud to be the #1 marketplace lending platform in the U.S. and Canada serving business owners, offering the latest – and greatest innovation in banking since the ATM.

The Difference Between the Bank and a Marketplace


A Closer Look

Banks vs. Marketplace Lending

Traditional lending institutions such as banks operate under a centralized decision-making structure with senior credit officers setting the guidelines that loan officers use to determine who will get a loan, and who will be turned away. By contrast, a marketplace lending platform like FundThrough is a decentralized system where each lender sets his or her own lending standards for peer to peer lending and marketplace lending, alike.

Financial Innovation

Marketplaces, and by extension, marketplace loans, are a natural evolution in financial services. Not only does peer to peer lending offer clear advantages to borrowers, but it also represents a critical improvement to the financial system. The last financial crisis demonstrated the danger of institutions that are “too big to fail”. Marketplaces, on the other hand, don’t hold a balance sheet, which shields the system from their risk passing through.

Benefits to Borrowers

More Capital Available

Because a peer to peer (P2P) lending marketplace facilitates the funding process between borrowers and lenders, limits can be adjusted as your borrowing needs change. The limit on your loan can be as high as your sales because the more you sell, the more you can borrow.

A Positive User Experience

It can take 30 hours of work for a small business owner to complete a bank loan application, only to be denied – an increasingly common situation. A marketplace lending environment instead leverages technology to create a more positive and flexible lending experience.

Better Lending Terms

It would be impractical for each loan to be analyzed individually by every lender in the marketplace. Peer to peer lending makes more reasonable minimum lending standards possible, as FundThrough does not ask for long-term commitments and does not require any personal guarantees.

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