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FundThrough vs. Venture Capital

Get immediate access to capital before you close the next round of funding

Are you looking for venture capital money to finance the growth of your business?

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FundThrough can help you secure a better valuation.

Our operating lines of credit allow business owners to extend their roadway and achieve the next milestones before signing the term sheet.

FundThrough is the first on-demand business financing tool available in Canada.

You can use us when you need to and then get back to growing your business.

Where FundThrough Can Help


A Closer Look

Secure a Better Valuation

Every business has different goals. Depending on what your goals are, FundThrough may be a better alternative to venture capital financing. In contrast to VC money, using FundThrough to finance your business doesn’t require you to give up any equity. Instead, we give you the ability to easily add liquidity to your business using the capital that is already in your business but locked up in 30+ days terms.

Extend Your Runway

Signing a VC term sheet under financial pressure can be devastating for a growing business. If you are looking to raise the next round of venture capital, do so on your own terms. Use FundThrough to stretch your working capital, make more sales, and negotiate from a position of strength.

Benefits to Borrowers

Debt is Cheaper Than Equity

Why sell equity when you can use debt to grow your business? A FundThrough invoice-based line of credit means that you can unlock the money in your accounts receivable to fund your next order. Starting at 9% APR, invoice financing is simply a better alternative to selling off equity in your business.

Short-term Source of Capital

Finding the right VC to partner with can often take 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer. Running out of cash during that time is a very real danger for many entrepreneurs. Invoice financing is perfectly suited to alleviate this type of situation. Its short-term structure make it the ideal solution to bridge that gap.

No Long-term Commitment

FundThrough has been described by our clients as funding-on-demand. That is one of the key benefits of our platform. Our clients are welcome to upload any invoice from an approved payor whenever it suits their business. We require no long-term commitments from our customers.

Got Questions?

Our team is just a click or a call away to answer your questions. Call our toll-free number below to contact us between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Time for inquiries, explanations or just to share great news. You can also connect with us online anytime and we'll get back to you promptly on this webpage or over email.

Our team, like our capital, is easily accessible to small business owners online.

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