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FundThrough vs. PO Financing

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Companies often rely on purchase order financing so they can pay to bring a product to market.

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Invoice lending bridges the gap between your PO loan and your customer's payment.

Growing companies need money. Whether using this money for product, payroll, or simply unexpected hiccups, no company can survive without proper financing. Navigating through these treacherous waters is close to impossible without a little help, especially for smaller businesses. This is where FundThrough can help you succeed. So why should you choose FundThrough over PO financing?

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Where FundThrough Can Help


A Closer Look

What Is Purchase Order Financing?

Companies often rely on purchase order (or PO) financing so they can pay to bring a product to market. If you don’t have stock, or have yet to manufacture your product, you could be scrambling to find the capital needed to get to the next step. To work with a third party manufacturer to create your product, you need to pay them first before the work can begin. This is when you would turn to PO financing. PO financing gives you the means to give your company the hand it needs.

What Is Invoice Lending Financing?

Unlike PO financing, where loans are based on a purchase order, invoice financing gives you money based on an unpaid invoice. This type of funding provides the money to bridge the gap between shipping your product to the customer and getting paid. Small companies simply cannot float between shipping a product and making the money back. Funds for things like running an office and paying employees are necessary for a company to succeed. Invoice lending provides funds, at a lower interest rate, to help you pay your expenses and keep your company moving forward.

Benefits to Borrowers

Replace Your PO Loan

While PO financing is great for getting you money when you need it, this convenience, and the risk that the lender assumes means that the financier will expect a higher return on their investment. Relying on PO financing to cover all your expenses can become pricey, and eat into an already slim profit margin.

Invoice Lending Has Lower Rates

Contrary to PO financing, invoice lending allows a lender to assume much less risk, and give you the best rates. Invoice lending can even pay off PO loans to save you from paying a higher rate. This saves your company money and on puts you on the fast-track to success.

We Have PO Financing Partners

FundThrough works with PO financing partners to provide you all the funding you need to bring your business to the next level. There is no need to worry about coordinating multiple streams of funding, we can do that for you, and we can ensure that you pay off a high interest PO loan as quickly as possible.

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