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Waiting for your customer to pay requires contacting your customer. This is a common and understandable concern: damage to vital relationships could hurt your business. That’s why we make the onboarding process easy for them, keep interactions professional, and talk to you before we contact your customers.

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How We Ensure a Positive Experience Through Onboarding and Ongoing Funding

Our Velocity onboarding and funding process is designed for maximum ease and minimum involvement.


Redirecting payments is normal for large buyers

While redirecting payments might be new to you, it’s business as usual for many large buyers. Our team already has strong relationships with many of the world’s largest buyers, and we take the time to get to know your customers who are new to us. Once we’re able to confirm your invoice is real and that your customer will redirect payment, we can get you funded in days.


It's simple to introduce your new A/R partner

As part of signing up a new customer in the FundThrough app, you’ll have the option to customize pre-written email templates introducing FundThrough and explaining the process. You can send them immediately from the app or at a later date if you choose.

Here are some approaches clients like you have used. 

"We are using a new service to streamline our accounts receivable."

"We've partnered with FundThrough to speed up cash flow so we can best serve you."

“We’re outsourcing our accounts receivable function.”


We wait for your customer to pay. You get back to business.

By getting invoices funded, you no longer have to worry about collecting them yourself. FundThrough will work directly with your customer to receive payment. This approach has the added value of effectively outsourcing your account receivables process so that you can put more time, as well as money, into growing your business.


Keeping you informed about communication

We understand that the way we work with your buyers reflects on you, so we always interact with your customers in a positive manner. FundThrough will only contact your customer if payment is significantly delayed, and we will communicate with you in advance of making any contact so that there are no surprises.

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B2B Focused

Ideal for businesses invoicing other businesses anywhere from $15,000 to $10 million dollars.

Unlimited Funding

With revenue-based financing, the more you invoice, the more funding you can get.

Fast, Flexible Funding

Funds are deposited to your linked business bank account within days, on approval.

One Upfront Price

Enjoy 100% advance rates, minus a single fee. No hidden fees, ever!

Fund on Your Terms

No long-term contracts or minimum requirements for monthly invoice volume. Fund only when you want to.

Outstanding Support

Our highly reviewed client support team and dedicated account managers are partners in your success.

Get Funding to Grow Your Business

Businesses like yours unlocked capital to take on major projects with these organizations.

“Without our partnership with FundThrough, we would not be considering bidding on so many large deals at once.” – Anna Garcia, Global Pipeline

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use publicly-available information and third-party data about your customer, such as commercial credit reports, to determine funding eligibility for your invoices to them.

Aside from notifying your customer initially of a change in payment details and to confirm your invoice (all of which you control) your customer won’t be contacted unless the invoice is overdue. If the invoice is not paid on time, we will work with you, the supplier, first. Only if we do not receive any updates on payment status will we contact your customer directly.

Sometimes customers don’t pay on time. As long as there’s a clear expected pay date, we wait for your customer to pay. If the invoice remains unpaid for an extended period we will pay down the balance with customer payments and by holding back a percentage from future advances. You can also pay with a direct debit. Rest assured, this is rare. If your customer disputes an invoice we have financed, we require you to let us know so we can attempt to resolve this with you.

No, FundThrough is not a vendor for tax purposes.

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