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Waiting to Get Paid Is Frustrating

Accounts receivable factoring with FundThrough is delightful. Your money, whenever you need it.

Every day, small business owners are factoring receivables with FundThrough to get paid quickly for the work they’ve done – whether it’s for $1,000 or $10,000,000.

FundThrough users sell to great customers, including:

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Steven Jiang - ImSent

FundThrough was able to help when my bank couldn’t because they looked at the credit of my customers, not my business. I’ve been able to increase my inventory, maintain service levels, and not worry about cash flow. It’s really been a great service.

What is Accounts Receivable Factoring?

Accounts receivable factoring is a form of accounts receivable financing that allows business owners like you to get paid in as little as 24 hours (as opposed to 30/60/90 day invoice payment terms) by borrowing based on your outstanding invoices. Unlike traditional factoring companies, factoring receivables with FundThrough means you get to choose which invoices you want to fund. Plus, there are no funding limits.

How Does It Work?


1. Create Your Account

It’s free. Take a few minutes, fill in the basic information, and let’s get the process started.


2. Get on the Platform

We’ll work closely with you to get you all set up to start funding your invoices. Set-up can be as fast as 3 days.


3. Get Paid in 24 Hours

Once you’re set, getting an invoice paid in 24 hours is as easy as clicking a button. Add more clients or invoices as needed.

Access Your Capital Whenever You Need It

We fund millions of dollars in invoices to American and Canadian entrepreneurs every month.

Customer-based Credit
FundThrough is ideal for new, small, or fast growing companies that sell to high quality customers.
No Funding Limits
With FundThrough, there are no limits on factoring accounts receivable. If you invoice it, you can fund it.
No Commitments
Unlike the banks, we don’t ask for any personal guarantees. Plus, there are no long-term contracts to sign. Fund only when you need to.
You’re in Control
Choose which specific invoices to fund, and we’ll show you all the details up front. Funding is always up to you, and there are zero fees when you are not funding.
Our Lowest Rates
FundThrough offers low funding rates, making it the fastest and most affordable option for larger invoice values and volumes.
Loved by American and Canadian Businesses
Try us – chances are you’ll like us. With an average satisfaction score of 9.9/10, we make sure that our business is helping take care of your business.

How Much Does Factoring Accounts Receivable Cost at FundThrough?

Our software will always show you how much you have available and outstanding.

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