Branding a Referral Page

A Referral Page is a web page you can direct your customers to, to learn more about FundThrough.

If you’re planning to build and host your own referral page, read on for recommendations about what kind of content that page could contain.

Content Guidelines

A referral page generally follows this outline:

  • Contact form
  • What is the financing option (FundThrough)
  • How it works
  • Our Fees
  • FAQs

Read more about optionally passing information from your contact form to the FundThrough Sign Up form here.

TBD more to be added here about what’s suggested in each section. Example content structure:


Download FundThrough’s logo and approved stock photography from:
Password: aaamazing

Note that usage of the FundThrough brand must conform to FundThrough’s Corporate Brand Guidelines.

If you would like to use other images not provided here, please contact your Partner Manager with what you have in mind.