FundThrough for Partners


FundThrough for Partners provides tools for our partners to introduce your customers to our funding offerings from within your platform, or website.

Who is FundThrough?

FundThrough provides unlimited working capital based on the size of your outstanding customer invoices.

For your Customers:

  • Unlock capital. Once approved, customers can get funding matching any invoice amount.
  • Flat upfront fee. No hidden fees, no obligations. Just a fast advance.
  • Get growing. Use that cash to pay bills, take on large deals, and grow their business.

For our partners:

  • No-touch program administration.
  • Generate revenue from funded invoices.
  • Adds value and enhance revenue opportunities from clients.
  • Access to granular “leading indicator” signals.
  • Adds a valuable and complementary service to partner’s current product lineup.

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July 2021 Release

Two options are currently available to partners:

  • Refer to or Link to a Referral Page. A referral page provides a place for your customers to learn about the benefits of funding with FundThrough, how it works, and provides an entry point to the sign up process.
    • If a referral page has not already been created for your business, FundThrough can build one, or you can do it yourself (content guidelines and assets are available for you to use).
  • Link to FundThrough Sign Up. Provide your customers with a way to directly sign up for FundThrough. Optionally pass information to FundThrough to speed up the sign up process.

Future Releases

Deeper integration points are planned for release starting later in 2021.

In development is the ability for partners to put the FundThrough experience directly within your own platforms. This will allow your customers to apply for invoice funding and advance invoices once approved, all without leaving your own user experience.

The plan is also to provide you with real-time information so you can show a “Get Paid Faster” button directly next to applicable invoices.