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Winners of the 2014 Fintech 100: Success Stories & Lessons

The Fintech 100 list is recognized as one of the most prestigious rankings for financial technology firms around the world. Sponsored by the American Banker, the leading information resource for the financial services and banking industry, the yearly survey ranks the top financing solutions gaining track and hype worldwide.

Tech providers are chosen based on the revenue they’ve acquired from financial institutions for software, hardware, and financial services. But how does that reflect their quality of service? To get this revenue, these companies develop groundbreaking ideas and approaches within the financial technology industry, and manage to secure a number of valuable partnerships and clients.

Do you want to know how to make it to the Fintech 100 in 2015? Check out this year’s winners creative strategies, and follow in their great lead:

The Top 10

fintech companies

As noted, the summit of Fintech seems hard to break, with positions 1–3 having been stationary for the past 2 years. What’s more, every single firm which made the top 10 list this year won more than 1 billion US dollars in revenue from financial services! But only half of the top 10 companies had financial services as the main source of their profit. So it’s safe to say that your company doesn’t have to be entirely financial services-focused in order to make the list.

Plus, while the majority of firms on the list are US-based, companies from India, Japan and Germany have broken into the top 10, and companies from England, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, and others have won spots further down.

top 10 Fintech companies

Focusing on the top 3 Fintech 100 companies, what makes FIS, Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), and Fiserv Inc. special is their understanding of the financing services industry and the problem-solving approach with which they’re continuously aiming to improve themselves. Furthermore, the hard work and dedication to excellence they all show is a good example of the virtues any company should employ in order to succeed.

Let’s pay the deserved compliments to FIS, which has topped the list for four consecutive years due to their impeccable delivery of solutions, which help their clients reach their strategic goals. What sets FIS apart is their commitment to the industry — they’ve been driving change by expanding P2P payment capabilities, combo prepaid + mobile solutions, and many others.

Another notable company within the top tier is Fiserv Inc., which has over 16,000 clients worldwide, impressive enough to qualify them in the top 3. Not only does the company have a huge number of clients, but Fiserv Inc. is also one of the World’s Most Admired Companies according to Fortune Magazine. The company focuses on delivering solutions for online and mobile banking in addition to risk management and processing.

Halfway through the list we stop at Infosys Limited, an Indian Sillicon Valley firm, which has enabled the Global 2000 companies to build the enterprise of tomorrow by providing IT-enabled business solutions. With clients from over 50 countries, Infosys Limited has a global reach, which it stimulates through strategic insight and outstanding solutions.

Last, but not least, within the top 10 we also find CA Technologies, which made the list by providing technologies, which secure the IT environment. Their motto — “Business, rewritten by software™” — serves as the ground rule for all their developments, enabling the financial services industry to reach further, quicker and easier with the help of professional software.

Canadian Companies on the Fintech 100

Canadian Companies on the Fintech 100

Countries with fewer entries have a bigger niche to fill and the popularity such entries enjoy within their local market is huge. The following Canadian companies managed to secure a place within the Fintech 100 in 2014:

D+H (Toronto, Ontario)


At number 24, D+H is the highest charting Canadian company on the 2014 Fintech 100 list. About 70% of the company’s revenue is from financial services, which include the creation of secure and reliable solutions to North American financial institutions. Like their motto says, their products are created “for people” in order to solve their needs and grow their businesses.

Celero Solutions, Inc. (Calgary, Alberta)

Celero Solutions, Inc.

Celero Solution is a 100% financial services focused company. It offers the “right” banking technology solutions to over 60 of the top Canadian financial institutions. The company’s aim is to deliver simple, yet forward-thinking products, which are reliable and committed to diversity.

Looking Forward to 2015's Fintech 100

The perks of being ranked on the Fintech 100 companies survey are tremendous. From extremely positive PR, which will drive amazing traffic to your company’s website, to increased interest for your services, winning a spot on the list can take your company’s successful idea and turn it into an industry staple. The huge demand boost will skyrocket your revenue, boost your image as an industry expert, and drive exponential expansion, fueling your company’s growth.

Nevertheless, if you end up on this prestigious list, you’re naturally going to face great expectations to perform better and surpass your own goals. Making the Fintech 100 won’t just be rainbows and butterflies, but it will push you to work harder than ever before to craft amazing fintech solutions of the future, which will make our world better today.

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