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Top Canadian Finance Blogs to Follow in 2015

When it comes to finance, there’s seemingly no end to the questions you’ve got to ask yourself:

  • “Is this advice sound?”
  • “Does it apply to Canadian markets or investors?”
  • “Can I feel good about the kinds of investments I’m making?”

To answer these questions you need great advice from a variety of sources.

That’s when you can turn to the best of the best Canadian finance blogs. Whether you’re working in finance and want some innovative ideas or are just getting interested in investing smartly, these sites will have you ahead of the curve and feeling secure in your choices. So, here’s a countdown of our top 5!

#5 The Canadian Finance Blog

The Canadian Finance Blog
The Canadian Finance Blog’s founder and writer Tom Drake manages to put the ‘personal’ back into personal finance while also covering major issues in detail. These include investing, refinancing, Canadian taxes, and insurance. If you’re interested in doing some personal financial planning while avoiding reading anything too dry, this is a great option.

#4 Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner

Like the Canadian Finance Blog, the anonymous author of the Dividend Earner is a self-described ‘regular guy with kids’. However, this blog is more focused. The author shares his experience of working with a financial planner and getting through the 2008 market crash.

Read this blog if you’d like a peek into the wisdom of someone who’s shifting financial tactics to focus on earning from dividends to avoid getting hit with high maintenance fees. That’s definitely a lesson that’s better to learn through someone else’s experiences.

#3 The Blunt Bean Counter

The Blunt Bean Counter
Shifting from personal finance to tax advice, the Blunt Bean Counter’s founder Mark Goodfield seeks to do the seemingly impossible: mix tax advice and humor. So whether you’re an accountant who’s interested in the insights of a well-versed colleague or simply want to get a handle on accounting and finance in Canada today, this is a great place to start.

The blog is also written to be particularly useful to high net worth individuals and the owners of private corporations. Still, much of the information would be useful for anyone, particularly if you’re interested in moving into one of those categories.

#2 My Own Advisor

My Own Adviser

This blog follows a familiar storyline: the anonymous writer spent many years following conventional financial wisdom only to realize there was a better way. Now, he seeks to provide top-notch advice on how to break out of the big-bank mutual fund rut and move to more profitable investment methods.

Once again, the personal touch makes a big difference as the blog’s creator tries to get across the central idea that “nobody cares more about my money than I do.” It’s an empowering message for anyone questioning how their current financial strategies are serving them or their business.

#1 Canadian Couch Potato

Canadian Couch Potato
Often cited as the best investing blog in Canada, it’s not hard to see why it’s garnered so much attention since its founding in 2010. The Couch Potato gives you just what it promises: a complete guide to index investing (a type of passive investing) which allows you to be, well, a couch potato, and succeed even in the current economic environment for small business.

How does the blog’s author Dan Bortolotti do this? Simple: by combining a great financial education, both in terms of formal school and outside experience, and journalistic chops. The result is a readable and well thought out blog to help anyone from beginners to experts manage their money wisely and without making it a full-time job.

Don’t Stop There

There’s still a wide world of Canadian finance blogs out there beyond these 5. For starters, you can check out the list of top Canadian finance blogs created by Modest Money. Beyond that list, keep an eye on the latest blogs popping up. Just because it’s a new blog doesn’t mean it’s not going to provide some great information. If you need some inspiration, take a cue from these women entrepreneurs.

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