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Product Update: 2020 in review 🎊

faster funding product update

Through a very challenging year, we have worked hard to serve small businesses. 

We want to highlight the product improvements we’ve made at FundThrough in 2020.

In addition to the product highlights, please take a look at what we have planned to help small businesses in 2021.

An Entirely New Platform 💡

We launched an entirely new platform to offer our clients an innovative invoice funding experience. 

We’ve been migrating clients to the new platform over the course of this year and will continue this process into 2021.

velocity platform update

QuickBooks Online Partnership 🇨🇦

QuickBooks Canada is spreading the word about FundThrough. QuickBooks users can create FundThrough accounts from the QuickBooks App Store with just three clicks. Clients can then automatically fund their loaded invoices on the FundThrough platform right away.

quickbooks partnership with FundThrough banner

Easier Bank Account Verification and Account Linking 🔐

We have added Plaid to verify your bank account in one easy, secure step, with less time spent maintaining the bank link to your account.

bank verification with plaid update

More Transparent Statuses ✅

See your funding status in real-time.

transparent funding update

Easier Dashboard Navigation Using Search and Filtering 🔍

Use the status filters and “search feature” to find the right invoice without needing to scroll.

updated search bar product update

Faster Deposits 💰

We have simplified our backend operations to accelerate funding disbursements.

faster 2020 product update

What to Expect in 2021 🔮

  • Reporting tools – Get better visibility into your FundThrough activity
  • More automated funding options – New ways to get paid as soon as you invoice
  • New FundThrough branding – See a sneak peek below.
  • Faster processing times – We’re improving our backend systems to give you the best service possible
  • More self-serve capabilities – Our best-in-class service isn’t going anywhere
new fundthrough brand preview

Have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe.

Your FundThrough Product Team

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