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PayPal Announces Shipping Platform for E-Commerce

E-commerce seller receiving payment via Instant Transfer by PayPal

Starting an ecommerce business today has never been easier. As new fintech solutions roll out, the business landscape prospers. This week’s announcement is no exception. PayPal has just introduced a new shipping platform for Canadian e-commerce businesses to help them manage orders between Canada and the US. “Small businesses need access to better shipping solutions that open them up to global customers,” said Paul Parisi, PayPal Canada’s president. “With this launch, we’re looking to enable more exports and help small businesses become far more competitive in today’s global economy,” via betakit

Paypal customers are now able to access aggressive shipping discounts through their partnership with Toronto-based startup, netParcel. Now, more than 250,000 PayPal customers can ship easily within Canada, to the States, and overseas. 

PayPal is also tackling another area of payment- cash flow. The company has recently renewed its partnership with Visa to launch Instant Transfer. This new feature allows consumers to instantly make a payment to the seller using PayPal. Sellers will be able to move the money they receive from PayPal to their bank accounts much faster than 1-3 business days (up to 30 minutes to clear) to access cash.

“For our small business customers, faster access to their funds is crucial. Instant Transfer is just one more way we are giving control and flexibility to our customers, allowing them to send and spend their money on their own terms,” said Paul Parisi, President, PayPal Canada.

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