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Black Lives Matter – Our Commitment to Ending Injustice

Black Lives Matter Statement

Ending racism, police brutality, and structural inequality requires a deep examination of our systems, our institutions, and ourselves. Recent videos and images of police brutality and excessive force reveal tragedies that occur regularly, off-camera, across the U.S. and Canada.

For us, developing a formal response first required a look inward at our company. This week, we held a safe, open forum where our team shared their experiences with racism, police brutality, injustice, and oppression.

Employees shared personal stories on racism out in the community, but also at previous employers. We discussed economic and social injustice in Black communities over the last 400 years. 

We listened. We learned. We listened. We learned. And we will continue that process to foster an organization that prides itself on accountability and action.

Our employees have established an action team committed to discussing and providing proactive solutions to issues impacting marginalized communities. 

We support our employees’ protests and work aimed at addressing the miscarriages of justice and systemic oppression of Black citizens by police departments across North America. 

We recognize that words are not enough. We will be more proactive in demonstrating our support for the Black community and demanding a more equal, more prosperous society and economy for everyone. 

We are inspired to build social impact more explicitly into our goals as a company — particularly, supporting Black entrepreneurs and others who face systemic discrimination.

We especially denounce acts of police violence, racism, and structural inequality. And we will use our voices and resources to protest problems that have lasted in our societies for far too long.


Black Lives Matter.

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