Better Than a Business loan


Fund your business with money you’ve already earned. FundThrough gets you the full value of your outstanding invoices in as little as 24 hours*.

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*Upon Approval

5 stars

“I really appreciate how personal their service is.”

5 stars

“No more waiting… This company literally saved my business!”

5 stars

“Very transparent funding and super fast turnaround.”

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Dump Business Loans for Good

You’re a small business looking for quick funding to tackle bigger projects, maintain payroll, or pay other expenses. You’ve explored lines of credit and traditional business loans. But banks have you jumping through hoops with long processing delays and hefty interest rates. 

You need money now, not after filling out 30 pages of applications and waiting for days. 

Access to Capital


Flexible Terms

No Obligations

Get your funds as soon as the

Next Business Day*

Ideal for businesses invoicing other businesses anywhere from $15,000 to millions of dollars.

*Upon Approval.

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No obligation to fund, no annual fee, and no application fee. Pay only when you fund.

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Funding for One Low Price

A flat fee of 2.5% per 30 day term, you’ll find peace of mind knowing you got paid.

Tech-enabled flexible factoring

No paperwork required. Sign up online, upload an invoice, and get your money in 24 hours upon approval.

Integration with Accounting Software

FundThrough integrates with QuickBooks Online, making it easier than ever to invoice.


Take Control of Your Cash Flow

There’s no substitute for working capital when you need it. 

How FundThrough Works

Cash Flow Management Made Easy

1. Select an Invoice

Get the full value of your invoice upfront, minus a small invoice factoring fee.

2. Confirm Your Business Details

Verify your business information and tell us where to deposit your money.

3. Get Funded with 24 Hours*

You’ll receive an email confirming funding to your account. It’s that easy.

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No obligation to fund, no annual fee, and no application fee. Pay only when you fund.

Our client industries include:

Manufacturing and Distribution




Energy, Oil & Gas

SaaS & Subscription

Entertainment & Media

Payroll & Staffing

Why FundThrough?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. 

You have bills to pay, but you need your customers to pay in order to meet your obligations. 

Today, big companies are taking advantage of their suppliers and taking longer and longer to pay them on time. With FundThrough, you get cash into your account right away by using your invoices as collateral.

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“We started using FundThrough in August of 2017. What impressed me the most has been the quick turnaround. While my bank was still asking for more “paperwork” the folks at FundThrough had us approved and money in the bank to cover our payroll. I highly recommend it for any business that needs operating cash and doesn’t want the hassles of conventional banks.”

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“Brilliant idea brilliantly executed. I can honestly say, without a hint of hyperbole, that FundThrough has been a lifesaver for me and my one-man business. I’ve used two of their products, and both have allowed me to get control over my cash flow and reduce my risk. I’m looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with FundThrough.”

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“I’ve worked with FundThrough for the past 8 months and during that time have found them to be fast, responsive and flexible. They have been a mission-critical partner for us and have helped us meet our cash flow needs to keep our business going in a tough environment. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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Funding Within 24 Hours*

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