Take the Shortcut to Funding

Auto-Fund submits your invoices for funding automatically as soon as they’re in the FundThrough platform. Get faster, easier funding without even thinking about it.

How Auto-Fund Works

Auto-Fund enables you to get invoices from eligible customers automatically submitted for funding. You no longer have to log in and repeatedly request funding on multiple invoices for the same customer. The approval process begins automatically, then proceeds as usual like it would for any other invoice. You can opt out any time by talking to your account manager.

A Funding Experience That's Easier Than Ever


Get Time Back in Your Day

Skip the hassle of repeatedly logging in to request funding for invoices from the same customer.


Get Paid Faster and Easier

The funding process starts automatically as soon as an invoice is available, with no administrative work involved on your end, and no lag time.


Set It and Forget It

Get peace of mind knowing that when you invoice, you’ll get paid in days without extra work.

Requirements to Get Started

Here is what you need to subscribe to Auto-Fund:

  • Approval for invoice factoring
  • An accounting connection
  • Highly rated customers

Your sales rep or account manager can answer any questions.

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