The easy way for suppliers to manage their receivables.

FundThrough’s online platform helps thousands of businesses across Canada and the U.S. put their accounts receivable to work so they can say yes to the next job sooner.

Working with FundThrough comes with bragging rights

Cover expenses with change to spare

A/R predictability allows suppliers to pay bills, make payroll, and cover rent with confidence.

Accept new jobs when you get them

Suppliers can say yes to the next job sooner knowing they’ll always have the working capital they need.

Smooth and steady cash flow

Full visibility into receivables makes every business owner’s dream of manageable cash flow a reality.

“With FundThrough, we got the cash flow we needed to supply larger orders and grow our business. Now we have a larger range of retail partners and are growing fast!”

Quinn R - CEO, E-Retail Society Group

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