Accounts Receivable

Factoring Finance

A closer look at factoring finance as the best accounts receivable management strategy

Factoring receivables is the key to turning unpaid invoices into working capital.

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What is factoring finance?

The concept of factoring finance is known by a number of names, including 'factoring receivables', 'accounts receivable factoring', 'debt factoring', and 'invoice factoring' - all of these terms refer to the financial practice of factoring. Factoring is a cash flow management strategy that works to provide businesses with working capital by advancing the funds on their outstanding invoices. This reduces the wait time on invoice payments from 30-90 days down to 24 hours.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Is Now Easier Than Ever


Invoice factoring companies like FundThrough were designed with small business owners in mind.

No paperwork, no binding contracts, and no credit checks. Factor invoices online and get the funds in your account in 24 hours.

Invoice factoring with no paperwork?

The factoring finance services offered by FundThrough live on a unique, digital funding platform. Our customers use FundThrough to factor their accounts receivable online by connecting to their preferred invoicing software or uploading their invoices directly.

Invoice factoring with no contracts?

When customers connect FundThrough to their preferred invoicing software (or upload their invoices directly), they can pick and choose which invoices they’d like to fund – so fund one, or fund them all! There’s no cost until you start funding your invoices, which makes FundThrough’s factoring finance platform the perfect rainy day solution for growing businesses.

Invoice factoring with no credit check?

FundThrough’s accounts receivable factoring platform looks to reward business owners for the hard work they put into growing their businesses. The true value of a business lies in its customers, and we know that winning big contracts and getting on store shelves isn’t easy, so we’re more than happy to provide small businesses with access to working capital by leveraging the credit-worthiness of their clients.


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